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Would You Rather?

Courtesy of, today we find out that Patrick Eaves has signed a 3-year, 4.2-million dollar contract, for an average of 1.4M/season.

Now, my question, for those few out there who feel that Curtis Glencross is worth 1.5M/yr, would you rather have Eaves or Glencross?

Recognizing that Eaves is an RFA as opposed to Glencross, a UFA makes some difference, but in my mind, not a lot. Every UFA crop is full of bottom-sixers like Glencross, and they don't ever seem to receive a lot of money (case in point, Josef Vasicek, Mike Johnson, etc.). In fact, I'm not convinced that they get more money than their RFA comparables, although I stand ready to be corrected.

So if we remove that aspect, consider that Eaves already has a 20-goal season and looks like a third-liner at least down the road, would you rather blow a cool 1.5 million on him or Glencross? I know what my answer is. Glencross can take 1M/yr, or he can test the market, and then take 1M/yr.