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Undrafted Collegians

This is Nate DiCasmirro, playing for the Edmonton Roadrunners, from October of 2004. The Oilers signed him as an undrafted, unrestricted free agent in May of 2002 after he posted 50 points in 41 games with St. Cloud State. He played his first professional hockey for the Hamilton Bulldogs that summer, posting 5 points in 10 games.

He's been inconsistent as a professional, but seems to have carved out a career as a AHL journeyman.

The point being that as nice as it is to sign these guys to NHL deals, I'm a big fan of doing what the Oilers did with Les Reaney; sign them to AHL contracts and see what happens. If they turn out to be more than expected, the odds are good that the team who already has them "in the system" will be able to ink them to an NHL deal. If they turn out to be lesser lights, they don't count against that 50-player limit.