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UFA Options: Miroslav Satan

Miroslav Satan (career stats) was originally an Edmonton Oilers draft pick (111th in 1993) before being dealt to the Buffalo Sabres for the dynamic duo of Barrie Moore and Craig Millar (the latter, incidentally, being a good example of a defenseman who joined the league at a very young age and ultimately went nowhere).

Coming off a disappointing season (and a second consecutive decline in both goals and points) he likely will be one of the "bargain bin" options for NHL general managers looking for a second-line scoring option.

When we consider Satan's statistics, I'll be highlighting his role both this year, and last year, since this season was his worst in over a decade (16G-25A-41PTS) and I have trouble believing it tells the whole story of an excellent scorer who should still have a career at 34.

2007-08 TOI/60: 13:41 EV, 0:43 SH, 3:54 PP
2006-07 TOI/60: 13:32 EV, 1:15 SH, 3:46 PP

Very similar breakdowns for both seasons. Now, quality of competition and team results:

2007-08: 2nd easiest among Islanders forwards, 2.33 GFON/60, 2.10 GAON/60
2006-07: 5th easiest among Islanders forwards, 2.73 GFON/60, 2.68 GAON/60

Satan's decrease in production is simply inexplicable looking at the position he was put in. Over the course of the year he has had nagging injuries, but he played soft opposition all season long, and even two years ago wasn't playing top opponents, so it seems like perhaps he simply isn't worth the time. He's been a durable scorer for a long time, but I wouldn't want to wager a couple million on him regaining form, especially since even if he does, he hasn't been that special.

Miroslav Satan is not a player of interest to the Oilers.