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Roloson Update

Yesterday, I quoted a Bruce Garrioch article which suggested that Dwayne Roloson might be a candidate to backup Martin Gerber in Ottawa. Today, Jim Matheson talks about the lieklihood of Roloson going to Ottawa:

The Ottawa Senators are looking for another goaltender after buying out Ray Emery on Monday, but Dwayne Roloson isn't going there to help the incumbent Martin Gerber.

Not now. Maybe, not ever.

Edmonton general manager Kevin Lowe said he'd had "not one" conversation with the Senators about the 38-year-old Oilers goalie, who has one year left on his three-year contract at $3 million US.

Matheson then states that the Oilers' likely course of action would be to keep three goaltenders (Garon, Roli, JDD) until Deslauriers proves he's able to be an effective backup at the NHL level. He also says that Roloson will be with the team until the end of training camp, at least.