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Low-Risk, High-Reward Gambling

Kyle Wellwood, seen here attempting (and failing) to score on noted AHL'er Devan Dubnyk, is now a member of the Vancouver Canucks. Wellwood is coming off the worst season of his (and just about anyone else's) career.

Here are his numbers for the past two seasons:

Quality of Competition
2007-08 - 13th among Leafs forwards
2006-07 - 8th among Leafs forwards

Points/60 at Even Strength:
2007-08 - 0.97
2006-07 - 2.13

Points/60 at 5-on-4:
2007-08 - 4.11
2006-07 - 6.11

I really like this pickup from a Canucks perspective- Wellwood may not rebound, but if he does, he can help out on the powerplay a lot, and score against the softies at even strength, something that the Canucks could not do last season.

That said, he wouldn't have fit on the Oilers, who have plenty of players with similar skill-sets who are patently superior to Wellwood.