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Unfashionable People Saying Questionable Things

I quote from the Metro News quite a bit, now that Robin Brownlee has taken to writing a weekly piece for them. This post will site a quotation from another one of their writers, former Sportsnet CFL analyst Marty York (seen here in tinted glasses and a very dapper red-and-white striped shirt).

Now, the last I'd heard of Marty York was last August, when Lowetide quoted him as reporting the Oilers had made a contract offer to Peter Forsberg. I have no idea whether that actually happened, but some quick googling of "Marty York CFL" and "Marty York NHL" reveals that a lot of people have a less than stellar opinion of his commentary. Anyways, without further ado, the quotation:

Therrien’s assistant coach, Andre Savard, will likely become the Florida Panthers’ new head coach. . .Peter DeBoer, general manager and head coach of the OHL’s Kitchener Rangers, is among the top coaching prospects for the Ottawa Senators, who also are considering former NHLers Randy Cunneyworth and Craig Hartsburg. . .The Edmonton Oilers are thinking about trading flashy forward Raffi Torres for a defenceman.

Interesting, and plausible rumours regarding the coaches. That isn't what we're after here, though. Torres for a defenseman sounds like the reciprocal of the rumoured Pitkanen for Cole trade that I talked about earlier.

I've mentioned before that I'm not a big fan of trading Torres at this particular juncture; his shooting percentage was so far below his own career average that I can't help but think he rebounds in a big way next season. Still, without knowing the name of the defenseman, it's hard to evaluate any potential trade.