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Reason #1,334,354 to Ignore Eklund

This is UFA defenceman Mark Streit. He's been credited this season as the catalyst to Montreal's potent powerplay.

He's an interesting player, largely because when not on the powerplay he generally plays as a 4th line forward. Defensively, he's a mess. He's been just awful (outside of offence) and a good friend of mine who is also a Habs fan tells me that Patrice Brisebois is better in his own end. This same friend feels that Brisebois ought to be on his way to the glue factory, so suffice to say that Streit's defensive game is pretty ugly.

With this in mind, read a "rumour", courtesy of anonymous blogger "Eklund", of

The general belief out there is that Brian Campbell is going to get at least 6 million per this summer. So how much is Streit worth, and how much of a home town discount is he willing to give?
All I know is that there are teams out there that may give him 5 per in this UFA market that is light on IMPACT guys but glistening with difference makers...I do believe that the Rangers, Sabres and Oilers may all be willing to top 5.

That's 5-million dollars, everyone. Eklund expects (rated E2) readers to believe that the Oilers are prepared to offer more than 5mil/season to a guy who makes Sheldon Souray look like a perennial Norris candidate. This, after signing Tom Gilbert to a 6-yr, 24million dollar contract.

I can make up better rumours in my sleep. So can Maggie, from TSN. This guy is so disreputable that hockey forums look down their nose at him (even if Sportsnet doesn't).