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Random Notes

Allan Muir, a staff writer with the famously hockey-oriented publication Sports Illustrated has a great article up which has some fascinating news from around the league. I've been reading Muir for about a year and a half now, and despite SI's shaky reputation on all things NHL, he's an extremly solid general interest writer. Among the points covered:

Sakic and Forsberg both contemplate retirement - Muir says that Sakic should return while Forsberg likely will not, which seems to be correct to me. He's right when he talks about the sting of being blown-out in an elimination game, and Sakic certainly has gas left in the tank. Forsberg, on the other hand, has been cursed with such a wide array of ailments that it's amazing he can still walk.

Fabian Brunnstrom - the prospect blessed with wonderful hype and mediocre statistics is examined in a fiar and balanced manner by Muir, who not only mentions Brunnstrom's middling offensive numbers, but quotes a scout talking about them. Without making a verdict on the player, Muir presents both sides.

Other items mentioned include Jan Hejda, some fun stuff about Marty Turco, and the Bruins decision to trade down and select Mark Stuart, bypassing Parise, Getzlaf and Richards. Sound familiar? I'm adding Muir's articles to the sidebar under "References".