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Plagiarism is for the Lazy- And I AM Lazy

Kind of a busy weekend for me- I had planned to do something indepth, but I find myself compelled to run around and do things, so, courtesy of the program to the Nov. 17/07 game against Calgary, comes this entry. (I do not feel guilt, by the way- the Oilers forgot it was a game night and got blown out, so I figure those tickets must have bought me something.)

On pg. 11 is an interesting segment asking how well individual Oilers know Ethan Moreau. My favourite answers are included below.

What is the name of his pet?
Steve Staios: He’s got a little dog named Stella. It’s a fru fru little dog that he wont admit to liking.

What was his first ever job?
Steve Staios: Sneaking into the casino and stealing money in Orilia.

What type of stick does he use?
Marty Reasoner: It’s a Compro. I think he’s the only guy in the league that uses it- actually it hasn’t been used yet since he hasn’t played in a year.

What was his draft position?
Steve Staios: How could I forget? He talks about it all the time. 14 to Chicago.

Where did he play junior?
Marty Reasoner: He started in Niagara Falls and then he went to Sudbury. He can’t tell me enough about his accolades in junior.

I’m coming up on my 100th post, so tomorrow should be a good one (good for this site, anyway).