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Steve Staios Named Assistant Captain

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[Shane Doan] was named captain of the Canadian team for the IIHF World Hockey Championship on Saturday. Martin St. Louis and Steve Staios will be his assistants.
The picture above is Team Canada celebrating their victory in the gold medal game in 2003. Steve Staios is the player in the front.
It's a good choice by Team Canada. Staios was captain of the Atlanta Thrashers, and has been a heart-and-soul guy for the Oilers ever since being signed. Thinking back to that 2005-06 team, one of the moments that really stands out in my mind was Staios blocking a shot with his face, and then staying on the ice because the Oilers were penned in their own zone. He's as tough as they come, he backs down from nobody, and both the Oilers and Team Canada are lucky to have him.