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NCAA-NHL Meeting

Excerpt from a Darren Dreger article on

NCAA coaches are meeting this week in Naples, Florida and NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly are there to listen to their concerns, among them, the increased numbers of underclassmen leaving the college ranks to turn pro.

The manner in which some NHL teams deal with colleges and college players is also a huge area of concern, specific to unsigned or undrafted unrestricted free agent sophomores who in some cases are hounded to distraction by NHL teams hoping to sign him.

The league and Players' Association agreed a protocol to discourage this needs to be considered.
Unlike the CHL and the IIHF, the NCAA doesn't receive financial compensation from the NHL, primarily because the NCAA won't allow it. However, there was discussion with college coaches on implementing a development fee whereby NHL teams would have to provide compensation to college teams if they pull a player out early.
Frankly, I'm surprised that there isn't some kind of developing fee in place between the NHL and the NCAA. More surprising to me was the seond paragraph quoted above. Given how successful some teams have been with undrafted college players, I suppose it makes sense, but the impression I'd always gotten of undrafted players was that they were somehow unwanted, generally diamonds in the rough that different teams find. This article makes it sound more like a feeding frenzy.