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Luongo in Ottawa

Among the things that crazy-man Mike Keenan has done (and there are oh-so many!), the most lopsided was probably trading Roberto Luongo and Lukas Krajicek to Vancouver for Todd Bertuzzi, Alex Auld, Bryan Allen and a draft pick.

Now, this, from James Duthie's column on

John Muckler kicked tires on Roberto Luongo just before he was dealt to the Canucks. Mike Keenan, then the Panthers GM, says they talked about a deal (Emery, Antoine Vermette, a defenseman, and a draft pick was one possibility), but he could never get Muckler to get serious.
"I told John make me a firm offer," Keenan says. "But he never did." So Keenan traded Luongo to the Canucks.

When you think about trades that didn't go down, that one could have changed the entire NHL landscape for a decade. The Senators, with Luongo in net, would have been an entirely different team, and you have to wonder about the potential for a dynasty. Now, however, we know what they are: another franchise that missed their golden window.