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Curtis Glencross, Before & After

This is Curtis Glencross at his first practice as an Edmonton Oiler. Sometimes, when a trade is made, there's a clear winner, and the Tarnstrom-Glencross trade is one of those instances.
With Glencross a UFA as of July 1, the Edmonton Oilers have a decision to make on him. Most of the Oilers blogs (including this one) seem to be in favour of keeping him, but I've seen some interesting salary estimates (mine was 1.5M, this is the lowest I've seen) He was on fire after being traded, but is that indicative of the player he is?
Here are Glencross' stats, before and after being traded.
CBJ: 36GP-6-6-12, +3, 25PIM, 63SH, 9.5SH%
EDM: 26GP-9-4-13, +5, 28PIM, 41SH, 22.0SH%
Interestingly, something similar seems to have happened to him last year in the AHL, too:
Portland: 31GP-6-10-16, +3, 74PIM
Syracuse: 29GP-19-16-35, +1, 53PIM
Anyways, if we adjust Glencross' Edmonton shooting percentage down to 10%, and combine his stats with the ones from Columbus, here's what we get:
62GP-10-10-20, +3, 53PIM
which to me seems more in line with what my eyes are telling me he is. He's still a hustling guy, effective in a lot of ways, but I really don't think he's a potential 30-goal scorer. And if the Oilers sign him for 2-million a season, than they're overpaying by an extraordianry amount. Even 1.5 will probably be excessive.