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Armchair Coach

I had a number of very definite opinions on this roster going in to 2007-08. Now, you'll have to trust me on this, because I didn't have the blog up and running at the start of the season (I moved into the 1990's and got the internet just this month), but I thought it might be fun to review my perceptions (IIRC) against what MacTavish went with.
Where I Was Right
1) I was sold on Brodziak from Day 1. His AHL numbers were good, he'd improved year by year and looked like a complete player. I wanted him on the 4th line. Thankfully, so did Mactavish.
2) Penner would start slow. The amount of pressure, combined with the Stanley Cup hangover, and I wasn't disappointed.
3) I was sure Horcoff would be better than in 06-07, and maybe this was a no-brainer, but I'm glad to see it turned out this way.
4) I wanted Gilbert to get a spot on the defence over the guys with a one-way contract, and he did. I didn't see it turning out this well, but I hoped he'd get the spot.

Where I Was Wrong

1) I felt Gagner would have a leg up in camp because of playing in the Super Series, and that however well he performed there, he probably shouldn't have played in the NHL this year. I was dead wrong, and though it's early, it seems likely that Gagner would have been picked higher than 6th overall if the '07 Draft were redone.
2) I thought Sanderson could contribute effectively in a 3rd/4th line role- the fork's been sticking out of him since roughly game 3.
3) Denis Grebeshkov was a guy I felt should be the 7th defenceman at best, and I was way, way, wrong. I need to learn to trust Frank Musil.

Well, that's mostly what I remember. MacTavish is clearly a better coach than I am. Somehow, I'm sure few people are surprised.