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Somebody's Gonna Hurt Someone Before The Night Is Through - Grebs to Arbitration


Denis Grebeshkov's decision to go to arbitration may be the tipping point for a team perilously close to the cap.

Oilers join Team USA


As per TSN, both Tom Gilbert and Matt Greene have been named to the U.S. team going to the World Championships. This is Greene's second stint at the Worlds, and Gilbert's first. No word yet on...

Three Defencemen


My personal belief is that Joni Pitkanen will not play another game in an Oilers uniform. I think Lowe looked at his core, young defencemen (Gilbert, Grebeshkov, Pitkanen), and decided that Gilbert...

Offensive Defensemen


Craig MacTavish is a good coach. I firmly believe that he's in the upper echelon of NHL coaches, and that he has put together some pretty remarkable seasons with some fairly dysfunctional teams.C...

The Case for Another Defenseman


I've been practicing cart-before-the-horse style thinking at this blog lately. My "UFA Option" pieces are posted with the assumption that the Oilers have two or three significant areas of need,...

The Glaring Weakness Almost Nobody's Talking About


The Oilers defense corps currently looks something like this:LD: Grebeshkov, Souray, Smid, RoyRD: Gilbert, Visnovsky, StaiosWe can toss in some of the kids on whatever side (Hrabal, Peckham,...

I Don't Believe in the "Sophomore Slump"


I have some time this morning, and I thought it might be nice to have a look at the younger players entering their 2nd/3rd season, and trying to decide what a reasonable expectation for them would...

Shooting: What and Where


As anyone who reads my writing knows, I'm an avid fan of the work done by Gabriel Desjardins at Behind the Net. One of the many things he does to improve game analysis is provide individual...

The Development Myth


A common refrain among fans of all stripes, and probably in all sports for that matter, is the need to "play the kids". In this same vein comes a theory that’s espoused by a whole bunch of people,...

Tom Gilbert, 6yrs, 24 million


Tom Gilbert was signed by the Oilers today to a 6-yr, 24 million dollar contract. Other players recently signed in similar dollars & years range : CGY - Robyn Regehr - 20mil/5yrs (4) CHI -...

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