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Goats in Brazil: Chavez plays 45 in Honduras loss


We catch up with one of the Chivas USA players at the World Cup, Marvin Chavez, who featured for Honduras in their 2014 World Cup finale on Wednesday.

2014 World Cup: Group E Primer

Ecuador, France, Honduras and Switzerland square off to see who will get out of Group E, can Jerry Bengtson and Los Catrachos pull the upset and make it to the knockout stages?

Goats in Brazil: Minda didn't play in Ecuador loss


We recap the goings on of Chivas USA players at the World Cup by taking a look at Ecuador's opener against Switzerland.

World Cup, Day 4


Six more national teams make their debut today, including Argentina and France.

Sochi 2014: Day One Recap


Ondrej Palat was the only Lightning player to take the ice in Day 1 at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

What is Going on With Damien Brunner?


After a promising start, Damien Brunner's season has now turned into a huge disappointment. Just how bad has it gotten for the Swiss winger?

Russia prevails, but it wasn't easy

The Swiss gave them a serious scare, but Russia survives to play another day.

World Juniors Medal Round Preview

Canada and Sweden are on the sidelines, waiting for opponents.

Russia hoping to avoid disappointment

A disappointing performance against Canada has Russia fighting for their lives against the upstart Swiss.

JT: You want a piece of me? Kparghai: *chomp*


The link is in German. Since neither this language nor English is my mother language, I won't try a full translation and I'll direct you to Google Translate if you want more details. In short: a disciplinary procedure has been opened against Biel defenseman Clarence Kparghai, who's suspected of having bitten John Tavares during a game one week ago. In the last minute of the second period, JT had a contact with Biel goalie Reto Berra. Kparghai went to defend his netminder. Tavares had him in a headlock, and that's when Kparghai reportedly bit him in the ribs area. To prove it, it seems that Tavares has a bite mark. He also has marks on the neck, as shown in the pictures, though it isn't reported how these were caused. Kparghai, who plays without a mouthguard, denies any wrongdoing and says that JT pressed his (Kparghai's) face against his (JT's) belly. Our beloved "unique judge" will decide. I'll keep you informed.

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