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Things Prospects Say

Looking back at a Stephane Goulet quote: be wary about placing too much stock in what prospects say.

What is Rob Schremp?

Rob Schremp is a player who has generated considerable controversy since even before his draft year. A number of very bad things have been said about him, and a number of very good things. To track...

Edmonton Oilers 1st Round Picks, 2004

Devan Dubnyk, 14th & Rob Schremp, 25th overallThis is Devan Dubnyk, who posted a 27-save shutout against the Phoenix Coyotes in Winnipeg on September 17, 2006. He was the first player selected by...

Trades and Signings

Robin Brownlee has an interesting piece over at Metro News today about the Ryan Smyth trade. The bottom of the article includes two items which have been bandied about the Oilogosphere for the last...

Department of Obvious Statements

This is Angelo Esposito. In the years prior to the 2007 NHL Entry Draft, he was considered the favourite to be taken with the first overall selection. When draft day finally came, Esposito slipped...


As I often do, I'm about to take issue with something said in the Edmonton Sun. This particular statement comes from an article by Rob Tychkowski, who in my opinion is a competent journalist, and...

2008 Entry Draft Bric-a-brac

There is a ton of good stuff available on the upcoming NHL Entry Draft, and, as usual, Lowetide has been doing a pretty good job of collecting the things most of interest to Oilers fans. Another...

Forwards: Regulars & In The Mix

One of the nicer features on the Edmonton Oilers website is the Depth Chart. It gives us a decent idea of where players sit during the off-season, and what kind of role is being envisioned for...

Next Season, Rob Schremp Will Be An NHL Player

My very first post on this blog was one that took a lot of work, since I wanted to start off with a bang. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking very clearly, because if I had been, it would have occured...

Sonier Evaluations

Grant Sonier is a Michigan-based amateur scout for the Boston Bruins. Previously, he’s been the assistant general manager of the Los Angeles Kings and Florida Panthers, the G.M. of the Detroit...

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