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C&B Quiz Question


What do these guys have in common?

Juventini Eye Quiz Answers


Nice work, ladies and gentlemen. While no one got all of answers correct, the group as a whole did well, and only missed out on one. If you haven't taken the quiz yet, don't scroll down any...

An Unabashed Ripped-Off Quiz


So we have four days till the next game, incredible. Four days! That's one more than usual. The good news is after taking on Genoa at home, we've got a good week-and-a-half break (in which there's...

MLB Quiz if You're Bored


I made this quiz to kill some time. Guess brother pairs (or trios, etc) who've played in MLB. All the current ones and recent ones are listed, along with many famous pairs, and a number of trivial pairs. You'll need the clues. FYI, there've been 381 different sets of brothers to play MLB.

Dallas Cowboys 2009-2010 Season Video Trivia Game


This is a shameless plug - I just built this site, and added a quiz for our Boy's in there - it's fairly difficult, but I would bet most of you can nail it - plus its a fun trip down memory lane to the 2009 season when things were much better ;) Try it out and see what you think.

Morning Quiz: Mets Seasonal Batting Average Leaders


Using the awesome site Sporcle, I made this quiz which asks you to name the last 25 batting average leaders for the Mets. I used a minimum of 300 plate appearances as the benchmark to make it more interesting. No prizes for getting all of them, but post your score in the comments if you like. This might be a fun feature on slow days this offseason. (thanks to Red Reporter for the idea)

So you think you follow the Reds?


I don't know how many of you have discovered Sporcle, but it's an internet quiz site. Before you all run away from the specter of those terrible, Facebook-like quiz websites with terrible formatting and terrible questions, this one's different. The format actually works, and there are hundreds of really great quizzes. This one asks you to name all the players who were at one point on the Reds' active roster this season. Get to it!

RSC Quiz


What's more atrocious than Aaron Barrett's curve ball, Vermont's defense and the idea of Sean Stuyverson returning to man third base? The answer is in the comment section. Let us know if you got...

Big 12 Football Midterm


With the Big 12 season halfway through, it's time for your Big 12 Football Midterm!

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