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Oilers join Team USA


As per TSN, both Tom Gilbert and Matt Greene have been named to the U.S. team going to the World Championships. This is Greene's second stint at the Worlds, and Gilbert's first. No word yet on...

Edmonton Oilers 2nd Round Picks, Since 2001


This is Jeff Petry, the most recent second-round selection by the Oilers passing the puck to recently signed free agent Bryan Lerg. 5 of the Oilers 10 second-round choices have been defenseman, and...

A Post for David Staples


So, after reading David Staples latest post at Cult of Hockey, I felt a little bad for him. That's an ugly trial he's covering, and to make matters worse I went and basically said "Ladislav Smid...

The Case for Another Defenseman


I've been practicing cart-before-the-horse style thinking at this blog lately. My "UFA Option" pieces are posted with the assumption that the Oilers have two or three significant areas of need,...

Visnovsky to Edmonton


That fellow in dark is the newest member of the Edmonton Oilers, Lubomir Visnovsky. He has been acquired in exchange for Jarret Stoll and Matt Greene, proving that in a salary cap world, the extras...

The Glaring Weakness Almost Nobody's Talking About


The Oilers defense corps currently looks something like this:LD: Grebeshkov, Souray, Smid, RoyRD: Gilbert, Visnovsky, StaiosWe can toss in some of the kids on whatever side (Hrabal, Peckham,...



This guy is Admiral Edward Pellew, 1st Viscount Exmouth. He's an outstanding example of the kind of extraordinary men who formed the backbone of the Royal Navy during the days of the British...

Shooting: What and Where


As anyone who reads my writing knows, I'm an avid fan of the work done by Gabriel Desjardins at Behind the Net. One of the many things he does to improve game analysis is provide individual...

The Edmonton Oilers and Their Draft Record: 2002


As part of an ongoing series, I’m evaluating the Edmonton Oilers performance at the draft during Kevin Lowe’s tenure in comparison to the NHL as a whole. This is the second part of the series,...

Friday Night Battle of Alberta


Sam Gagner scored six points in eight games against the Flames last season and should be a key player again tonight. Given that the Flames have a phenomenal first line, a nearly invisible second...

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