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I Can't Believe It's Not Blogger - The Answers


Tally up your score. See who said what in a collection of ten quotes taken from the hockey internet.

I Can't Believe It's Not Blogger


The fast paced play at home game where players try to guess if these real sports quotes were said by real sports journalists.


A Narrative Revisited: Hemsky 83

Though the foundation is shaky, the media has built a narrative about Ales Hemsky.

Ales Hemsky, Ryan Whitney And Preferential Media Treatment


Ales Hemsky is getting beat up by the local scribes. Ryan Whitney gets a free pass. Why?

Setting Up The Play


Jarome Iginla is confounded by a locker room reporter's line of statements. Setting up the play.

Ryan Whitney's Injury And The Edmonton Media


The media knew about Ryan Whitney's injury and didn't say a word.

When The Mainstream Media Ignores Your Team


In Oklahoma hockey writing is an oddity. So what do you do when the mainstream media ignores your team?

WANTED: one wealthy industrialist

Anyone who’s spent any time around foundations eventually realizes two things. First, there’s no shortage of good works to be done, and foundations are doing plenty of it. But second, the impact of direct philanthropy pales in comparison to the impact of shaping more effective and efficient uses of the vastly larger public resources available to government. For this reason, farsighted philanthropists all come to realize that advocacy — i.e., efforts to shape how public resources are utilized — offers the best possible bang for the charitable buck. So if the choice for a high-net-worth patriot is to (a) devote him or herself to a foundation, or (b) run for president or invest in related efforts, there’s no question that the presidential campaign is the path to greater impact. That’s because there is simply no better vehicle for advocacy than a presidential campaign. It’s the moment every four years when the press and public are attuned to a broad discussion of the nation’s future. And with our two parties poised to run grossly misleading campaigns next year in their drive to win 50 percent plus one, the opportunity to break through with real answers and straight talk is enormous. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/the-billionaires-chance-to-save-the-country/2011/08/31/gIQAUhXtrJ_print.html

Herschel Walker NFL Talk Doesn't Even Get Strikeforce in the Story


Herschel Walker got some attention at the Strikeforce press conference. Unfortunately none of it was for Strikeforce.

Brief Thoughts on Five "Scoops" Guys

  1. Jayson Stark: cheesy (somewhat enjoyably so), master of the "anonymous scout/official from rival club" quote, superfluous "y" in first name makes me suspect he is a long-lost Nix brother.
  2. Ken Rosenthal: good at getting scoops, poor analytical skills counterbalanced by tremendous resemblance to Rocky the Flying Squirrel.
  3. Buster Olney: Heard this: despite occasional outbursts of fogey-ness, Olney is easily the best analyst in this genre, worth reading for more than just rumors and inside information.
  4. Jon Paul Morosi: Rosenthal-in-training, you can tell by the haircut.
  5. Jon Heyman: LOL.
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