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Ladislav Smid on Flames Practices - "The Practices Are Really Hard Here"


"The practices are really hard here, there's a lot of attention to detail...the biggest surprise was the work ethic, every guy works so hard here, it's great to see, that's how you('re) gonna win games..."


Hope for Ladislav Smid


To the left is the title character of this post, Ladislav Smid, wiping out a fellow named Gaborik along the sideboards. The 2007-08 season was Smid's second in the NHL, and superficially it wasn't...

The Case for Another Defenseman


I've been practicing cart-before-the-horse style thinking at this blog lately. My "UFA Option" pieces are posted with the assumption that the Oilers have two or three significant areas of need,...

The Glaring Weakness Almost Nobody's Talking About


The Oilers defense corps currently looks something like this:LD: Grebeshkov, Souray, Smid, RoyRD: Gilbert, Visnovsky, StaiosWe can toss in some of the kids on whatever side (Hrabal, Peckham,...

I Don't Believe in the "Sophomore Slump"


I have some time this morning, and I thought it might be nice to have a look at the younger players entering their 2nd/3rd season, and trying to decide what a reasonable expectation for them would...

Shooting: What and Where


As anyone who reads my writing knows, I'm an avid fan of the work done by Gabriel Desjardins at Behind the Net. One of the many things he does to improve game analysis is provide individual...

Veterans In Danger of Losing Their Jobs


Training camp is an exciting time for fans. With the exception of the entry draft and the first couple of days of free agency, there isn’t much in the summer to keep hockey fans following the game...

Fun With Garrioch


Most teams are a couple of games into their NHL seasons, so it is clearly time to panic, right? According to the Ottawa Sun’s ill-famed rumour-monger Bruce Garrioch, there are a bunch of things...

Line Matchups: Five Games, One Article


In VancouverThe Oilers actually outscored Vancouver 3-2 at even strength, but their penalty kill allowed four powerplay goals against in a 6-3 loss. Here are the even-strength lineups:Edmonton’s...

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