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Fenwick for First Four Playoff Games

Possession kind of matters during the playoffs. Bonus content -- Blues & Kings scoring chances!

Advanced Stats Primer: Or, what we know and how we know it

A primer on advanced hockey statistics.

SM-liiga team Corsi and Fenwick numbers

My ongoing project of scraping useful stats out of raw data provided by the official SM-liiga website has reached its first milestone. Team Corsi and Fenwick numbers have some huge surprises, such as league leading KalPa being near the bottom of the rankings.

How the 2011-12 New Jersey Devils Compare with Past Devils Teams in Possession

The New Jersey Devils are above average when it comes to possession this season. How do they stack up to past Devils teams and the NHL? By using the Fenwick percentages at Behind the Net, I make the comparison in this post.

Will it ever end?

Is the Penguins' slump a good indication of who the team is, or will things get better?

Hot Starts, Slumps And Sustain In The Western Conference

Advanced stats tell a story about the hot and cold teams in the NHL.

What Peter DeBoer Has to Continue: New Jersey Devils Strong in Possession Since 2007

Peter DeBoer's coaching style has hints of a Brent Sutter influence and is taking advice from Jacques Lemaire as camp begins. In looking back at how those coaches have done with the team, it'll be up to DeBoer to continue the trend of the New Jersey Devils being a strong possession team since 2007.

Playoff Fenwick Score Tied Update

From Gabe Desjardins: "Pittsburgh gets eliminated despite dominating Tampa."

How the New Jersey Devils were Better Under Lemaire than MacLean: Possession

The New Jersey Devils performed better under Jacques Lemaire than John MacLean last season. I show how much better by possession statistics from Time on Ice between the two head coaches in various even strength situations

The New Jersey Devils Are Still Better than the New York Rangers at Puck Possession

While preparing for a preview for tomorrow's New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers game, I do a follow up on each team's puck possession stats at even strength for the season. The Devils are still better than the Rangers and I show by how much.

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