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Prospect Review And Preview: Mookie Betts


Mookie Betts: What has he done? What will he do?

It's fargin war!


It's dangerous to start an argument when you don't know the best way to finish it, but here goes ... For me personally – and I have no opinions from others to back this up – I wanted Liverpool to...

New and Classic (Dynasty era) NHL games on iTunes


There is some difficulty navigating around in iTunes for a specific team, but I was able to find several classic dynasty era games in the Stanley Cup Winners volumes and Classic Rivalries volumes. Excellent for anyone who wants to know what the dynasty years were all about, and reasonbly priced at $1.99 per game or $9.99 per volume. (h/t to noomz for posting the bracket fanshot where I found out about the "buy game" feature.

Why Winning the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party Against the Florida Gators in 2011 is Critical for the Georgia Bulldogs


The Florida Gators will be led by a new head coach in the 2011 college football season. Dawg Sports explains why it is critical for the Georgia Bulldogs to cause that coach to start out 0-1 in the...

Edmonton's Greatest Hockey Hero (and it's not who you think)


Edmonton native and resident Dr. Randy Gregg had a career like no other, enjoying success on the amateur, professional and international stage ... all in his home town.

Looking Back...at Jaroslav Pouzar


Bruce McCurdy on Jaroslav Pouzar and his run with the Dynasty Days Edmonton Oilers

49ers Year-by-Year: 1997


This is an in-depth summary of the San Francisco 49ers' 1997 season. We'll always remember losing Rice and Young in week one at Tampa Bay, but do you remember the rest of the season?



A look back at Jaroslav Pouzar, an unsung hero from the days of the Edmonton dynasty days.

Anniversaries II: Saddledome


This didn't really fit thematically with the Gretzky/Messier post, but today, October 15, also marks the 25th anniversary of the Olympic Saddledome in our sister city of Calgary. Three years after...

"Scouting" a Hall of Famer -- two ancient game reports


My first view of Glenn Anderson occurred sometime during the 1978-79 season, when the University of Denver brought their fine hockey team to Edmonton for an exhibition game against the University...

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