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Sheldon Souray Won't Be Working For TSN

"Last season Souray was campaigning for Penner to get more powerplay time, because he was the only one willing to stand in front of his shot, and they needed somebody to stand in front" --Dan...

I can't wait 'til I get on the ice.

Dustin Penner on starting training camp.

Calculating the Value of the Dustin Penner Picks

A post the other day over at Copper Blue Dreams got me thinking again about the Dustin Penner RFA signing. What was the value of the three draft picks given up to sign him? The blogosphere has...

Face-off Percentage, 2007-08

This is Jarret Stoll, facing off against one Joe Sakic, in what must have been a pretty typical encounter when the Oilers played the Avalanche this season. Stoll led the Oilers this season with a...

Contracts That Make Dustin Penner Look Cheap

No, not Garon. The player taking the shot is 2-time 57-point scorer Martin Erat, who was due to be a restricted free agent. No longer.TSN is reporting that Erat today signed a seven year,...

Dustin Penner Fallout: The Final Tally

With the end of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, Edmonton Oilers fans finally have a clear look at exactly what the Anaheim Ducks recieved when they declined to match the Dustin Penner offer-sheet. The...

Reading Between the Lines

Jim Matheson (seen here in his Edmonton Journal stock photo) is a guy who's been writing about the Oilers for a long time, and a guy who for my money has the best inside track on what's happening...

Shooting: What and Where

As anyone who reads my writing knows, I'm an avid fan of the work done by Gabriel Desjardins at Behind the Net. One of the many things he does to improve game analysis is provide individual...

By All Means, Let's Dump Some of These Stale Veterans

This post comes after a fun comment made by Kevin Lowe in a recent interview with Dan Tencer. Here's David Staples rendition of it:If Schremp or fellow prospect Gilbert Brule have a great camp, it...

Veterans In Danger of Losing Their Jobs

Training camp is an exciting time for fans. With the exception of the entry draft and the first couple of days of free agency, there isn’t much in the summer to keep hockey fans following the...

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