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Joe Rogan: Women that don't like children [are like] dogs that eat their own sh*t.

Behold: I view women that don't like children the same way I view dogs that like to eat their own shit. — Joe Rogan (@joerogan) April 4, 2013 To clarify - there's nothing wrong with...

Wenger to sit out 2 MORE CL games


I like the first comment, though. I think it's okay for Mourinho because he's 'supposed' to do those kinds of things. AW, in UEFA's mind, is above that sort of thing. I guess. I don't know, more stupid political BS all around. AW said he cleared his actions with the officials before the match but maybe they are sensitive; they think they are being embarrassed.

Canada crashes out of Worlds


Reviewing Canada's performance, or lack thereof, at the 2010 World Championships

Bubba The Love Sponge loses mind, ambushes Awesome Kong on a friend's radio show, gets fired by TNA, makes an ass of himself on Twitter again


Yet another chapter in this odd saga, including presumed wrestling fan Bubba calling various people gay for...watching wrestling.

Today in mouthbreathing moron journalists . . .


Really . . . where do I start here? Actually, I'll just start and end by saying that this guy not only uses the words "hockey" and "Taliban" in the same sentence of this absolute shitpile of a blog post, but he used the two words NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!!!! If I were a regular Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reader, I'd hang this motherfucker in effigy. Daily.

I really hate BYU


Utah meets BYU Saturday for their annual Holy War showdown. This year a title isn't on the line, but bragging rights sure are. So is my sanity because I really hate BYU.

Kerry Wood gives the two gun salute


Kerry Wood gives the two gun salute

Brennan Carroll: Office Special Teams Coach


In case you don't get the reference, and really, nobody does Morning, Ruth. Morning, Josh.Goooood morning, Sherri.How bout this weather! Ha, ha! No kidding, where was this in March?!Whoo. 8:15...

Colin Cowherd Revisits The Blogosphere


I haven't decided what the proper reaction is to Colin's latest blogosphere transgression, but I'll at least make sure you're aware of what transpired. Today during his show, Cowherd decided it...

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