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Trades and Signings


Robin Brownlee has an interesting piece over at Metro News today about the Ryan Smyth trade. The bottom of the article includes two items which have been bandied about the Oilogosphere for the last...

Chuck Kobasew Resigned by Boston


TSN.ca is reporting that Kobasew has agreed to a 3yr/7M dollar contract. Kobasew has settled in as a 20-goal, 40-point guy on Boston, although his numbers might have been a little higher with a...

Department of Obvious Statements: Minor Signings


I was reminded today of something that has bothered me for a long time. Over at Lowetide's site, commenter Traktor derided unnamed Oilers commenters for suggesting that the team sign Mike Johnson.T...

Would You Rather?


Courtesy of TSN.ca, today we find out that Patrick Eaves has signed a 3-year, 4.2-million dollar contract, for an average of 1.4M/season.Now, my question, for those few out there who feel that...

The Old, the New, the Surprising


Robert Tychkowski has been producing a ton of articles over the last week, and today he goes all Jim Matheson on us and throws out everything that could be happening, largely based on a...

Raffi Torres Dealt to Columbus


As per Lowetide (not sure where he got it from), the Oilers have trade Raffi Torres to Columbus in exchange for Gilbert Brule. My take: this is a salary dump.I have talked a lot about Raffi Torres...

Every So Often, You Get Surprised


When Rick Olczyk was hired, not a lot of commentators on the Edmonton Oilers said much about it. Increasingly, however, he's getting difficult to ignore- and in a good way. Jim Matheson's column...

Oilers Sundry From Matheson


Jim Matheson's column today is a-brimming with this and that about the Oilers. This is a good thing, given the dearth of information trickling out; it makes writing these entries every day a...

Curtis Glencross, Before & After


This is Curtis Glencross at his first practice as an Edmonton Oiler. Sometimes, when a trade is made, there's a clear winner, and the Tarnstrom-Glencross trade is one of those instances. With...

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