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Curtis Brown: Brighter Days Ahead


Steelers.com recently published a story on Curtis Brown and his early life story. Go read it if you haven't already and find yourself a new favorite Longhorn. On this day, Curtis Brown is...

Pro Talk


The Draft: I noticed that Todd McShay had Dareus as the best player in the draft and there have been some evaluations and Sports "science" stuff to indicate that he's a better prospect than...

Part Deux – Round 2 Mock Draft


As promised, here is a look at the second round: New England Patriots – Akeem Ayers (Linebacker - UCLA). The Patriots just continue to get better. They are the Anti-Texans. Buffalo Bills –...

Longhorn Projections for the NFL Draft


Mock drafts are a dime a dozen. Hell, more like a dime a million. Everyone with a few minutes of time and a "Publish" button can put together a mock draft that will be about as accurate as you'll...

A Defense of Situational Packages: Down With Depth Charts


As much talk as there is about depth charts, for our defense, they are an incoherent way of expressing situational packages. We have no base defense. We have base players and base schemes. I...

Texas Football Mid-Camp Report: DB


This group gets its own post because discussing them will tie together everything we’re trying to do on defense. Expect complexity in 2010. Defensive Proust and Joyce with a dash of Faulkner. ...

Texas Football Mid-Camp Report: Special Teams


Don't sleep on special teams. If we want to repeat as Big 12 Champions, they'll need to be elite. Our ability to dominate them is one of the primary, if quiet, reasons we've gone 25-2 over the...

Curtis Brown Is A Lock Down Corner


The debate is settled. How do I know? h/t to blankspace on Shaggy Bevo. I like Curtis' tat. It shows swagger and a total lack of perspective. As most of you know, I'm a huge fan of the body...

Actually, Some Men Are An Island: The Big 12 Cornerback Inequity


I've already written about the peculiar imbalance between the Big 12's defensive ends and offensive tackles and how that will dramatically impact the offenses in this year's Big 12, but there's...

Early 2011 NFL Draft Predictions


Crap, people are noticing Aaron Williams' badassness already. I knew it would come out eventually but I thought people would wait to see this year's domination before jumping on the AW bandwagon. ...

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