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Lessons from Pop: Insights into Parenting from the Spurs Father Figure

For the better part of the last decade, I have absolutely loathed the San Antonio Spurs. I mean HATED them- as much as I hate the Yankees (and given that I have a son named Boston, that's saying...

Barry Trotz 2013-14 Season Review


Former head coach Barry Trotz, now with the Washington Capitals, took one on the chin in his dismissal from Nashville this year. But was what happened his fault?


In Defense of Randy Carlyle

While firing Randy Carlyle would have been completely justified given the failure this season, I'm happy Dave Nonis hasn't scapegoated Mr. Carlyle and thrown the failure on his lap. There is a lot...


Justice and Expediency, or: The Exorcism of Foulest Evil

via www.uhnd.com ________________________________________________________ "The Devil is not as black as he is painted." Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy As a true supporter of the Notre Dame...

Panthers' Steve Smith throws Chud under the bus


Carolina's Steve Smith seems to think that not only does the blame for the Panthers' woes last season fall on his former OC, but it was Chudzinski's efforts to get a job as a head coach that did...

Does Firing A Head Coach Really Help NHL Teams?


A 2006 economics journal article examines the relationship between replacing a coach an team match performance thereafter. Teams that replace a coach during a crisis do worse in the short run, and...


On the Subject of Coaches

Just some quick food for thought based on some numbers I came across this morning. Robert Vollman, who writes at ESPN, Hockey Prospectus, and his own site, Hockey Abstract, recently did some...

Is This Chris Mason's Swan Song?

Journeyman netminder Chris Mason returns to the Nashville Predators this season, the club that gave him his start in the NHL. After three other NHL cities, is this the year Mase hoists the Cup? Or...

Medvedev grumpy after Russia disappoints


Whether you think Canada (14 golds) or the USA (37 total) gets the moral victory in the final medal count, there is one thing we can all agree on: Russia did not own the podium. And Russia's...

Way to go, Brian Orser


Last night, Kim Yu-Na's gold medal capped the rise of Brian Orser as one of the world's stellar figure-skating coaches.  Outed in 1998 by a partner lawsuit, Orser has since embraced his orientation...

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