Statistical Analysis

How Much Better Are The Oilers?


I think we all agree that Craig MacTavish has improved the team. How much has he improved them though?

Regarding NHL Equivalencies


What factors other than source league should be taken into consideration when discussing NHL equivalencies?

Would Anton Stralman Be A Fit For The Oilers?


As MacTavish tries to rebuild the Oilers defence is Anton Stralman a guy who he should be looking at? At the very least he's a guy that they need to kick the tires on.

Approximating Touches for the Oilers This Season


What if we used the real-time stats for good instead of evil? Could they help provide an approximation of touches?

Taylor Hall: Points vs Corsi


By traditional measures Taylor Hall is having a great season. By non traditional measures things don't look quite so good. Who's right?

Is Ilya Bryzgalov the Answer?


Ilya Bryzgalov may be the answer but not if the question is "Can he help the Oilers win?"


Functional Toughness & Winning

Does Functional Toughness exist? Does it help teams win or prevent injuries?

Devan Dubnyk's Start


Chart, chart and more charts!

Eberle Hills Cop, Part IV


Everyone's favourite Regina Pat attempts a rebound season

Hall of Mirrors


Forecasting Taylor Hall's 2013-14 Season


Predicting Playoff Save Percentage


Is regular season performance indicative of playoff performance for goaltenders?

How did getting tougher work out for the Oilers?


Functional toughness was disfunctional.


The Oilers Draft Day Trades Were A Flop

Just how bad were the Oilers draft-day trades? An analysis of recent history.


Zone Exit Tracking Project

Most readers here may be familiar with the zone entry project. For those who aren't, check out this article by Eric T from NHL Numbers. Bascially, a group of bloggers for the past few years have...

Position and Shot Attempt Differential


What is the relative importance of forwards and defensemen for shot attempt differential?

Binges and Droughts


Is recent scoring performance predictive of future performance?

Can We at Least Look Forward to Next Year?


The Edmonton Oilers have a terrible shot differential this season. What might that imply for their performance in 2013-14?

Wild Optimism


The Edmonton Oilers may be 9th in the Conference, but they're still a very bad team.

Hackathon 2.0: The Oilers are looking for you


The Oilers announced Hackathon 2.0 yesterday, an analytics contest giving you the chance to win a spot in the team's inner circle. It's an interesting idea that is for sure. It also has a couple of...

Aging Goalies: What Does The Future Hold For Luongo, Miller & Bryzgalov?


Goaltenders do not age well.

Corsi and Zone Start Adjusted Corsi, By Line


What do line averages look like for Corsi and adjusted Corsi?

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Shawn Horcoff, Eric Belanger, Faceoffs & Zonestarts


How are the Oilers' lines faring in each type of start? Is Tom Renney giving the right guys o-zone starts? Should he go to an extreme Vigneaultesque strategy?

How Do Defensemen Impact Ryan Nugent-Hopkins?


Does it make a difference if Nugent-Hopkins plays with Theo Peckham or Tom Gilbert?

Driving Play: Why the NHL Should Change Its Points System


The NHL points systems profoundly affects the way teams play the game. Here's how.

Oilers' Adjusted Scoring Chances By Quality Of Competition


How do the Oilers stack up when grouped by the quality of their opponents?

Edmonton Oilers' Zonestart Adjusted Scoring Chances


How do the scoring chances stack up when adjusted for starting position?

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