The Season Ahead: A Look Between the Pipes


As I continue my look at the season ahead I thought that it might be time to actually take a look at the Oilers roster. And because I think goalies are the hockey equivalent of voodoo I'll start...

The Season Ahead: Stories of the Future Today


This morning I sat down at my desk, gazed into my crystal ball and saw the future. Allow me to share with you a few of the news stories that are in our not too distant future.

The Season Ahead: Why I Still Have Hope


Still I cling to the hope, as stupid and irrational as it may be, that everything will break right for the Oilers and when the dust clears they'll be a lot better than I expected. This year the...

The Season Ahead: What I'm Looking Forward To


I hate it, but no matter how much the Oilers disappointed me the season before, by mid August I start to get excited about and to look forward to in the new season. These days it's tougher to find...

The NHL Updates its Terms of Service


Changes to the NHL's website Terms of Service may have a direct impact on hockey analytics.

Caution: Oilers Goaltending Situation

I fear that the team's incredible failure last season has a better than zero chance of repeating itself for one reason: the goaltending situation is eerily similar to what it was at the start of...

More Hilarity From The Anti-Stats Crowd


In August I find it hard to listen to sports talk radio in Edmonton. There is next to nothing to discuss, which makes shows I can barely tolerate at the best of times completely unbearable. So...

Dellow, His Role & What This Tells Us About Eakins


Unless the Copper & Blue is your one and only source for Oilers news you already know that Tyler Dellow has been hired by the Oilers for a role in Hockey Operations. This tells us a little...

How Much Better Are The Oilers?


I think we all agree that Craig MacTavish has improved the team. How much has he improved them though?

To Next Season and Beyond


A look at Edmonton's cap situation over the next three years.


Nashville Signs Two Centres; Oilers Fans Wait.


You can take two more names off the list of UFA centres because with two tweets in a span of 41 minutes the Nashville Predators dealt a blow to Oilers fans hoping the team would finally get around...

The Problem With Seeing If Draisaitl Is NHL Ready


Leon Draisaitl is one option for filling the void in the middle of the Oilers' second line. There are some problems with that though.

Regarding NHL Equivalencies


What factors other than source league should be taken into consideration when discussing NHL equivalencies?

How Much Do The Oilers Have Left To Spend?


With Nikita Nikitin, Mark Fayne, and Benoit Pouliot added to the roster, and with Jeff Petry and Justin Schultz still in need of new contracts, the Oilers suddenly find themselves within shouting...

Leon Draisaitl - Comparables


Which top draft picks have performed similarly to Leon Draisaitl since 1980?

How Has MacT Done So Far? What's Left To Do?


Welcome to July 2nd. The draft is over and the biggest flurry of free agent craziness has come to an end. How do things look for the Oilers?

Fear and Anxiety


After 8 years of really bad hockey one would think things can't get any worse. Well there are a few things that if they occurred would make the past 8 years seem like just a flash in the pan.

Trading The 3rd Overall Pick. Don't Give Up Hope


The reason to trade the pick is simple: What it could bring in via trade is going to be worth more to the Oilers next season, and likely a few after that, than whatever teenager they select...

Would Anton Stralman Be A Fit For The Oilers?


As MacTavish tries to rebuild the Oilers defence is Anton Stralman a guy who he should be looking at? At the very least he's a guy that they need to kick the tires on.

Should the Gretzky statue stay or go? Or both?


Should the statue of Wayne Gretzky at Rexall Place stay where it is? Should it move to Rogers Place? I say both. Sort of.

Discussing Luke Gazdic In More Than 140 Characters


With only 140 characters available it can be difficult to debate on Twitter. There are no limits at the Copper & Blue though, so I thought I might as well address some of the more common Gazdic...

This Summer Will We Finally See A Bold Move?


Last summer Craig MacTavish talked of bold moves that never happened, should we expect anything different this time around?

Top 25 Under 25 - #2 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins


How is Nugent-Hopkins doing compared to his draft comparables?

My Name Is Ryan, And I'm Part Of The Problem


I'm an eight year season ticket holder, I hate where the Oilers are at, and when my season ticket renewal comes in the mail I will give the Oilers my money without hesitation. And I'll hate myself...

Top 25 Under 25 - #6 Justin Schultz


An update on Justin Schultz's progress in the NHL.

The Oilers are winning games. Turning point or no?


The Oilers are 9-4-3 in their last 16 games. That's a stretch that coincides nicely with the trade for Ben Scrivens. Are the recent results a sign that things are moving in the right direction, or...

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