International hockey

AIHL Live Online

If you're desperate for hockey, the Australian Ice Hockey League will stream the 2013 Finals Series on September 7th and 8th.

World Junior Championship 2012 Recap - Sweden's Triumph Well-Deserved

Team Sweden came through when it counted and the Swiss have to be disappointed.

World Junior Championship - Gold Medal Day

It's gold medal day!

World Junior Championship - The Losers Day

It's the relegation final, 5th place and 7th place games.

World Junior Championship - Canada In The Driver's Seat In The Quarterfinals

Sweden vs. Finland, Russia vs. Canada - it's a winter rivalry showdown.

World Junior Championship, The Tournament Begins In Earnest

Round one of the WJC kicks off with a distinctly European day.

Nathan Walker Hits The World Stage

Nathan Walker had a big Spengler Cup. Is he worth a third round pick?

World Junior Championship, Day 6 - Quarterfinals vs. Relegation

Most things are settled, but two games still have meaning.

World Junior Championship, Day 5

World Juniors Day 5 brings the pool standings into focus

World Junior Championship, Day 4 - First vs. Last

Day four pits the new comers versus last year's top two.


World Junior Championship, Day 3

The top seeds are back in action on Day 3.

World Junior Championship, Day 2

Day Two of the tournament of small sample sizes.

2012 World Junior Championship Opening Day

The World Junior Championships open today. Keep an even keel, but have a fun time.

The Aussies & The Hungarians, Racing To The NHL?

Two countries who've never before placed a player in the NHL have a shot to do so in the coming years.

IIHF International Hockey Rankings

Great Britain and Germany are up, China and Canada are down. Russia takes over the top spot.

World Junior Gold Medal Game - Canada Is Who We Thought They Were

The favorite faces off against the...fifth-favorite?

World Juniors - Semifinal Round Is The Same As It Ever Was

Canada vs. The United States and Sweden vs. Russia - Chalk all over the place at the World Juniors.

World Juniors - Quarterfinal Day Brings A Change In Goal For Canada

The quarterfinals and relegation begin at the World Junior Championship.

World Juniors - Final Day Of Pool Play Matches Talented Swedes Against Lunchpail Canadians

The big, bad Swedes come knocking. Only the hardest of work can save the Canadians.

World Juniors Day Five - Switzerland And Slovakia Play To The Pain

The Slovaks are without their top defenders and need a win over Germany to avoid embarrassment. No pressure, kids.

World Juniors Day Four - The Fallout From Dirty Hits

Day four brings suspensions and another likely Canadian blowout.

World Juniors Championship Day Three - Five Oilers On Display

All five Oilers playing in the WJCs will be active on Tuesday.

Czechs And Slovaks Debut On Day Two Of The 2011 World Junior Championships

The Czechs and the Slovaks reunite on day two of the 2011 World Junior Championships.

2011 World Junior U20 Championship Kicks Off In Buffalo

For fans of amateur hockey, Santa Claus arrives today.

Curtis Hamilton, Olivier Roy, Reputations And The Tournament Of Small Sample Sizes

The World Junior Championship is the biggest stage a kid can play on, but have an off week and they're forever doomed to endure a choker's label.

Memo from the Euro-Desk: In Czech with some Finns

The Copper & Blue's temporary European correspondent, shepso, travels to the Czech Republic to watch a hockey game with drunken Finns. The rest of the staff is insanely jealous.

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