Kurri signs Omark


Kurri signs Omark to deal. The end of Omark in the NHL?



Marincin made the Slovak Olympic team! Hemsky and Smid are going for the Czechs. Still, great news for Marincin as this will help his development a lot which could be good for the Oil as well.

Pitlick's NHL Debut


Big thanks to everyone for all the good luck tweets and texts!! Really looking forward to this opportunity.

— Tyler Pitlick (@Pitty687) October 22, 2013

It's been a long and undulating voyage for Pitlick, but he's finally made it to the big show.
After everyone wrote him off, he found a niche to his game and demonstrated the physical ability to play with the big boys. Pitlick came in at #25 in our Top 25 after spending significant time in the top 15.
Here's hoping he hangs on. Best of luck to Tyler.

Taylor Hall Returning To Edmonton


Right now the Oilers aren't saying much about Taylor Hall's knee injury. His return to Edmonton means he'll almost certainly miss the Oilers game in Montreal on Tuesday, but beyond that it's just fingers crossed for good news at this point.

A "realistic" trade scenario


This is what happens when "trade rumors" make it mainstream:

"I think we could realistically trade them hartnell (once he’s back from injury), b schenn, and maybe a guy like grossman for yakupov and Shultz. Both guys are slupping, but both have tremendous upside. I just don’t think the oilers view themselves as having time for their players to go through growing pains any longer. You need to look for desperate teams when thinking about making trades and I think the oilers are more desperate than most "


Toni Rajala Signs With HV71


@CopperandBlue @JonathanWillis @mparkatti @NewWaveOil Toni Rajala will play for HV71(SHL) for the rest of the season.

— Tsetse fly (@Tsetse_fly) October 15, 2013

The Defense of Justin Schultz


"We don't want to take any of [Justin Schultz's] skills away from him, and he's starting to buy in to recognizing danger a little bit, and trying to play a little bit more defensive. But when we got down in that game, that's when you've got to let him loose."

That's Dallas Eakins responding to a question about Justin Schultz after last night's game. The question framed Schultz's play positively. Eakins both agreed with the positive and acknowledged some of the learning that the coaching staff is asking Schultz to do. It will be interesting to see how Schultz's decision-making and defensive play improve throughout the season.

Shawn Horcoff Scolded


I think someone should make up honorary Shawn Horcoff Dallas t-shirts with the "You Can't Do That" phrase on them when the Stars visit.

Taylor Hall Moves Back to Left Wing


"With Nugent-Hopkins coming back, it's good to give him some players that he's familiar with. The second part of it is Hall's whole line that he'd been playing with who were good in training camp have suffered a little bit early, so we'll shake that up.... We may not be finished with Hall in the middle, but at least for the next game--or at least for the start of it--we are."

That's head coach Dallas Eakins talking about moving Taylor Hall back to left wing. For a deeper look at the struggles of Hall's line, check out the excellent article Tyler Dellow wrote earlier today.

Canucks' Burrows out at least two weeks


"He's going to be out a couple of weeks, that's where we are going to leave it right now,"Tortorella said, refusing to get any more specific about the injury.

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