Enhance Your Experience

Five Questions with Matchsticks & Gasoline

Before another epic Battle of Alberta, we asked one of the folks at Matchsticks & Gasoline five questions about the Calgary Flames. Not one of the questions was, why would anyone willingly cheer for Calgary?

The Readers Love Grit

The readers love the moves to acquire gritty players.

Oilers New Entrance Song

Have a song that encapsulates the Oilers' experience? Let us know in the comments!

The Fans Weigh in on MacT

MacT's performance has never been finer.

An Oilers Road Trip for the Copper & Blue

"So for those saying we aren't fans, think about this: We're going to Buffalo in February to watch the 29th and 30th place teams play." - Derek Blasutti

Grade MacT

Help us grade Craig MacTavish with our survey

The Importance Of Grit & Winning

What is Grit? Sportsnet has figured it all out and we look at how important grit is to winning teams.

Oilers Wallpaper: YakCity's Lid

Edmonton's game-changer at rest.

The Thrill of the big hit

EA Sports NHL 14's new hitting is a game changer. How do you play?

Childhood Hockey Gaming

Which hockey game is the best of the best, narrowly edging out Blades of Steel?


The Best And Worst Of 2012-13

Recapping your votes for the best and worst of a shortened season.

Three questions facing the Edmonton Oilers

The regular season is about to begin - has Craig MacTavish done enough to prepare the team?

Are You Afraid?

Do fighters make you run and hide? Are you afraid when a no-talent goon steps on the ice?

VOTE: Tambo's Worst

There is so much to choose from, but in the end, you must choose only one.

VOTE: The Oilers' Cult Hero

Pluggers and the under-appreciated converge to determine who is the Oilers' biggest Cult Hero?

VOTE: 2012-13's Biggest Disappointment

From the paid spokesman to the owner - who was the Oilers' biggest disappointment in 2012-13?

Tambo's Worst

Imagine walking into the premier party for K-19: The Widowmaker. It was less of a flop than Steve Tambellini.

Phil Cornet, Draft Day Predictions & Dinner

The rise of Phil Cornet from a 5th round pick to the NHL weighs heavily on the stomach of one of our writers.

Splitting Up Your Season Tickets, A How-To Guide

With 41 home dates you probably don't want to go to every game. I've tried, and trust me you don't want to. So let me help you out with this handy guide to splitting up your season tickets.

VOTE: 2012-13's Biggest Surprise

From role-playing defenseman to superstar made - who was the Oilers' biggest surprise in 2012-13?

I Can't Believe It's Not Blogger - The Answers

Tally up your score. See who said what in a collection of ten quotes taken from the hockey internet.

VOTE: 2012-13's Best

10 nominees for best moment of the 2012-13 season need your vote.

I Can't Believe It's Not Blogger

The fast paced play at home game where players try to guess if these real sports quotes were said by real sports journalists.

One Shining Moment

What was your highlight from last season?


There's so much to pick from, so take your time and get to the bottom of the pile: who was the biggest disappointment in Edmonton last year?


There were few bright spots for the Edmonton Oilers in 2012-13, which of those was the most surprising?

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