Dropkick 16 - Jordan Eberle vs Nail Yakupov

This is a round of two players who do not deserve to be rated as highly as they are, but I thought it would make an interesting opening round matchup. These are actually two that in my estimation shouldn't even be on this list, but there are a number of fans suggesting that these two athletes be traded.

So this matchup is actually more about which player you'd rather see traded and thereby is more about their maximum potential, and also the expected return. So don't ask for a None Of The Above.

(7) - Jordan Eberle


Eberle dazed and otherwise confused in this photo. He is a 23 year old - 22nd Overall Pick. In 4 seasons he has scored 18, 34, 16 & 26 Goals. A career 14.1% shooting percentage. Arguably Eberle would be considered to be exceeding his draft pedigree. In a re-draft he would quite possibly find himself inside the top 10.

This is about his potential, a 14.1% shooting percentage on 667 shots, is statistically relevant, he is a sublime backhand, good vision and on the offensive is often in the right place. A defense he is a bit more of an adventure, and has yet to show he can push the river.

What is his potential return? A player that is consistently a 25 goal scorer and in the top 30 in NHL scoring (well 31 currently is close enough), will return an excellent return. At 23 he is still 2 years from his "prime".

(10) - Nail Yakupov


Nail has been in Coach Eakins doghouse numerous times this year while players such as Eberle have escaped it, despite playing a similar style. Nail is an "enigmatic" Russian, this is because he is Russian rather than actually being "enigmatic" - there was an excellent article on this, but I can't remember where.

Yakupov, is a 1st Overall pick, he scored 17 goals in last year's short season, and this year he has 11. He has not played with the best players that the Oilers have as often as Eberle has - often he has found himself on his off wing. This is obviously a disappointing season for Yakupov. He is only 20, and has much maturing to do. On offense he has shown himself to have an amazing one times and some electric moves.

What is his potential return? A 1st overall pick always has value (see Daigle's second stint in the NHL). Even after a rough season he could probably return nearly as much as Eberle could.

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