Trading Sam

We all know the Oilers are going to try to trade Sam Gagner this summer.

Sam's boxcars 60 GP - 9 G - 24 A - 34 PTS - (-25). On a PPG basis he is on pace for a 46 pts season if he had played every game. Since Sam has broken in to the league he has scored 49-41-41-42-47-38-?? (Likely 38 Pts). Which means that Gagner is a very consistent performer in the number 2 hole.

2 Years Left on his Contract at $4.8 M per annum. I would encourage you to think of his salary in terms of percentage of the cap rather than the raw dollar figure it is.

This year he is 7.47% of the cap, next year he is 6.75%, and possibly with the TV deal kicking in, there is talk of the cap being another $10M up the following year - which would mean 5.92%. With 23 roster players the average player kicks in for 4.35% of the cap.

Gagner is currently 184 in points in the NHL, without the games missed at the beginning of the season, it would push him inside the top 180 easily. That means that Sam would be top 6 in scoring on your average NHL team.

Who is interested in Gagner?


The Kings were interested in Gagner at the Trade Deadline. Why?

Currently he would 6th in scoring, behind Doughty, so a top 6 forward on their team, which would upgrade their attack. Of teams currently sitting in a playoff position only the Wild's 186 is worse than the 189 of the Kings.

Gagner has certain defensive issues that we are all aware of, however, the Kings are a strong defense first team with only the Bruins being stingier, by 1 goal. They likely feel that they can cover for any weakness Gagner has in this area. In fact it isn't too difficult to carry 1 poor defensive player on any roster - the Oilers problem is they have too many of them, and allot play on the blueline.

The trade didn't happen because of the salary cap. But with the cap going up, that will not be an issue in the summer.

The Return


Jake Muzzin, according to 4th Period Muzzin is one of the players that the Kings are open to trading, he is 25 years old, which is the ideal time to pick up a defenseman.

He will have 1 year left on a $1M per annum deal. With that disparity in salary that is a deal which could not of happened at the deadline.

The Kings likely see him expendable with their acquisition of LHD Brayden McNabb at the trade deadline, and the fact that the Defense is the strength of their team.

Muzzin is at 68 GP - 5 G - 18 A - (+7), so nice boxcars. He also does well on the WOWY charts with Doughty playing better with Muzzin than without, and Muzzin better without Doughty than with him. He has some size a 6'2" and 215 lbs. That being said is 60.2% Corsi has probably a little to do with playing with Doughty for 80.2% of his shifts.

I think Gagner alone isn't enough to spring Muzzin, I think the Oilers also have to throw in a prospect, and likely a prospect from their area of strength.

The Deal

Sam Gagner to Los Angeles

David Musil to Los Angeles

Jake Muzzin to Edmonton

Your Opinion - What does the Sam Gagner trade look like?

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