Another Sit Back and Watch Game for the Oilers

Jim Rogash

The Oilers try to catch lightning in a bottle twice and get burned by the Bruins in a 4-0 loss

The Oilers decided to start today's game the same way they ended their last game, watching Ben Scrivens play shooter tooter for the Boston Bruins. The game was a train wreck right from the start but Scrivens tried his best to keep the Oilers in it. A horrendous first period, in which the Oilers lost the shot attempt battle 17-5, put the Oilers back in familiar territory and it didn't stop until the Bruins scored their first goal, in the second, on the power play. Things were still "ok" after the second because the Bruins only had a one goal lead but in the third the flood gates opened and that was all she wrote.


Game Break Down

First Goal Against

Scored on the power play. Nick Schultz's stick breaks on the play so he decides to be as useless as possible by laying down on the play. While Schultz is in such a vulnerable position Ryan Jones decides to also take himself out of the play for a few seconds by giving Schultz his stick. This opens up the passing lane for Jarome Iginla to get the puck up to the point to David Krejci who blasts it from the point right off of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins' stick into net.

Second Goal Against

Great play by Andrew Ference to play this like a 2 on 1. This ends up confusing Martin Marincin and Ference at the same time because Ference completely loses his check. The goal itself was a fluke but emphasized the Oilers game to a tee.

Third Goal Against

Notice how nicely the Bruins break out of the zone? That is the key to this goal. A great zone exist followed up by a decent zone entry (Jeff Petry slowed the entry but it wasn't enough) and a pass right onto Carl Soderberg's stick. Yet another great one on one battle by Ference and a slow glove hand by Scrivens and its 3-0.

Fourth Goal Against

Ryan Jones does a great job of taking himself out of the play allowing Krejci to get the puck over Iginla. Zdeno Chara stick handles past the human mattress and gets the puck over to a wide open Torey Krug who has a wide open net and scores. 4-0

The Game Review

Game Rating: 2 out of 10

The game was lost after the first period. The Oilers were completely lifeless and let the Bruins dominate them. They showed some life in the second after the first goal against but just couldn't match the Bruins in any facet of the game.

Momentum Killer

The pairing of Mark Fraser and Ference was horrible. Fraser only had 12:02 TOI (6/6) and was only surpassed by Ference 19:57 TOI (3/6) in shot attempts against. That pairing was a hot mess.

Momentum Driver

The closest to a momentum boost in this game had to be Scrivens. He gave the Oilers a chance in this game, at least for the first two periods anyway.

Up Next

It's the Copper & Blue road trip! The Oilers are in Buffalo to meet the Sabres and the Copper and Blue is gonna be there to throw their jersey's on the ice after the game cheer them on. You can follow all of the fun on Twitter hashtag #TrippingWithCNB

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