Oilers Get Out Hit but Still Win the Game

David Perron gets the hat trick - Ben Nelms

Three Oilers score to lead the Oilers to a 4-2 win (Potter scored 2 own goals against).

The Oilers/Canucks game started with the SportsNet crew foaming at the mouth in anticipation of Luke Gazdic vs Zack Kassian/Tom Sestito bout. In fact the whole opening segment of the game focused around the words the three exchanged during the warm-up but it would not be the night any of them anticipated. The Oilers got slaughtered by the Canucks giving up 24 hits against while lifelessly holding onto a lead on the score clock. The Oilers didn't show the fight that they needed to win the battle, instead they needed to use their skill to win the game.


Game Break Down

First Goal For

Sam Gagner had tried a similar play earlier in the period but the puck was just too high for David Perron to handle. This time he made sure that the pass was right on Perron's stick and it was an easy goal for Perron.

First Goal Against

POTTER!!! In an attempt to block a pass into the slot Corey Potter inadvertently allows Jordan Schroeder to bank a shot in off him and score. Granted the play started on a hit to Anton Belov that caused a turn over but the night would not go well for Potter playing against Schroeder.

Second Goal For

This time is was Nail Yakupov's turn to make a nice play to Perron. The play starts with Perron keeping the puck in and getting a pass back to Yakupov who drops a pass to Perron in the blue paint.

Second Goal Against

POTTER!!! This time Schroeder takes a shot that appears to be going wide but Potter gets his foot out an redirects the puck right into the net. Bad night for Potter.

The Game Winner

What the hell is the fourth line doing here? Their job is to fight and throw hits not score goals! This is two nights in a row where the fourth line contributed by getting points instead of dragging their knuckles on the ice looking for a fight.

In all seriousness, this is all started by Taylor Hall. He makes the play to keep the puck alive and get it to Ryan Smyth. Smyth is able to find Jesse Joensuu in front of the net who somehow puts the puck in the net.

The Game Review

This was 5 out of 10 game. The Oilers did not dominate any single period but the second line was able to take advantage of some bad turn overs. Three of the four goals the Oilers scored were on turn overs by the Canucks. The only time that the Oilers actually had an advantage was when the score was tied and it was barely a 2% advantage. The close game was lost as was the overall game when looking at the Corsi numbers but the Oilers played a pretty good road game.

The Momentum Killer

One name Corey Potter. He was 23.8% Corsi for and both of the Canucks goals were off of his body. Not a good game especially when the game could've gone either way.

The Momentum Driver

David Perron and the second line. Obviously Perron got a hat trick but his line's corsi was phenomenal for a road game. Yakupov, Ganger and Perron were all over 55% Corsi for and really drove the play.

The Surprise

This one has to go to Roberto Luongo. The Oilers were up 3-2 and Justin Schultz takes a shot that got deflected by Boyd Gordon that was on its way in. Luongo gets his stick up and knocks the puck away. An amazing save.

Up Next

The Oilers take on the San Jose Sharks on Thursday. This is going to be tough game for the Oilers. After winning two in a row the Sharks are going to be a real challenge. The Oilers are going to have to be better than they were tonight if they want to get a win.

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