Oilers Send Their Love Down the Well

A rare shot of Ilya Bryzgalov actually in his crease - Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A struggling Dallas Stars team gets a boost from the Oilers beating them 5-2

The Oilers met a struggling Dallas Stars team and gave the Stars all of the love that they could muster. Story of the game: the Oilers let the game get away from them early and couldn't recover on the score clock.


Garbutt Gets an Easy One

The next time someone tries to tell me that Ilya Bryzgalov is a better goalie than Devan Dubnyk I am going to show them this clip, over and over and over again. The thing is that this wasn't the only time Bryzgalov pulled this crap, I counted at least two more times in tonight's game where he played the man instead of the puck. As a goalie you need to know where your crease is. Sliding that far out of your crease usually doesn't end well. Anyone that blames Jeff Petry for this goal against deserves this team.

What Twitter @SHorcov was Saying

We've all missed our Kaptain and it's only on occasions like tonight that we get to bask in the glory of the Russian Prince. So without further adieu S Horcov.

Before the Game

During the Game

After the Game


What else is there to say about this team. This team has disappointed over and over again. Most fans don't care any more. I ran some queries against the Twitter API today from Game 1 until Game 47 the #Oilers hashtag is down ~40% since beginning of the season (teaser). Nobody is watching the game and writing positive things about this team gets tougher and tougher for any writer whether MSM (spits) or bloggers. In the past we've been able to say "Next season they'll be good!" but next season has turned into this season and even the Flames are higher in the standings than the Oilers. This is pathetic.

Stars of the Game

Tonight is strange one. The Oilers fell behind quickly and never really recovered or at least never recovered for any real length of time. Tonight score effect really really messed with the numbers so I am gonna have to turn to the goal scorers as much as they didn't have great games and the top Corsi/Fenwick player. Luke Gazdic, Justin Schultz and Sam Gagner. I feel dirty just saying that they were the best players for the Oilers. By eye the best Oilers were Ales Hemsky and Taylor Hall. So take your pick because that was what the night was like.

Up Next

Another decent goalie and a good defence in a city that Oilers have only won 1 game in the past million meetings (oh look a SportsNet Stat). YAY!!! Oilers at Wild

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