VOTE: The Oilers' Cult Hero

Photo by Hero Kids, Alma Ata International Pictures via Wikimedia Commons

Pluggers and the under-appreciated converge to determine who is the Oilers' biggest Cult Hero?

The call for nominations for the Oilers ultimate cult hero resulted in a number of fan favorites from time gone by.  From Jim Dowd to Reijo Ruotsalainen, below are the nominees:

1. Patrick Thoresen

"He was once an even player and was completely ignored for being that player, on one of the worst teams in the league (obviously the Oilers), and he sacrificed a testicle to block a shot for the Flyers. He's a player deserving of an NHL job, yet remains in the KHL. If that's not a player deserving our adulation, I don't know who is." - Derek Zona

2. Zack Stortini

"Of true fringe players, I loved Stortini. Loved him. He was a facepuncher, but he could also actually play! He was nothing special, of course (and not a particularly talented pugilist either) but such a breath of fresh air compared to the Hordichuks, MacIntyres and Browns." - donair poutine

3. Risto Siltanen

"First taste of unreal and under-appreciated Euro skill on team. Could skate backwards as fast as most players could skate forwards." -

4. Mike York

"5’ 10" 6th round pick scores 26 goals as a rookie for the Rangers and a couple of nice seasons for the Oilers. Sad to see him go after the 04-05 lockout." - borisnikov

5. Denis Grebeshkov

" A very decent player when he remembered to wear his tinfoil hat, and at least entertaining when he didn’t!" - Chunklets

6. Igor Ulanov

"He only played a few seasons with the Oilers, but they were easily the best of his career. More of a tough guy by reputation, but he contributed a surprising amount on offense." - Stephen's Beaven

7. Stan Weir

"The patron saint of Lowetide and the 2006 playoffs." - Doogie2K

8. Rem Murray

"Every single fan nods in appreciation of what that dude did to play again" - Derek Zona

"If only we had more players like him on today’s Oilers…" - Stephen's Beaven

9. Reijo Ruotsalainen

"26 regular season games. 43 playoff games. 2 cups." - Derek Zona

10. Jim Dowd

"As a younger fan, I remember really liking Jim Dowd, but that was probably just my brother and me." - Scott Reynolds

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