Horcoff & Hemsky Trades

Given that Horcoff & Hemsky are on the way out, I thought I would come up with a possible destinations for each.

Montreal - (with buyout of Kaberle $4.25M off the books they have a little space)

Hemsky for Eller

Why this may make sense. They want to move Galchenyuk up in the roster and they have depth at the Centre position. They would like to add a PPG winger on Pacioretty's other side, this is an upgrade on any of their current Right Wings. Hemsky's under contract for 1 year only. Although Eller is 24 and has a good upside - he is now damaged goods as is Hemsky.

For the Oilers this gives them a 2nd Line Centre (49.3% FO) who is bigger than Gagner and allows them the flexibility of moving Gagner over as well as using Gagner in his current role.

Why hasn't it been done? Medical clearance for Eller.

Detroit - (with buyout of Samuelsson $3M off the books actually have a reasonable amount of space)

Horcoff & Hemsky for Quincey & 1st (18th overall)

Why this may make sense. The Oilers need an experienced 1st pairing Right shooting defenseman that can play. Although I am not a Quincey fan it actually makes sense. I think the Oilers have to retain some of the Horcoff salary in order for this to go. It allows Detroit to move Filppula over to his natural Left side. In Hemsky brings some scoring punch. The pick(could be a 2nd Round Pick - but given Detroit's history of trading 1sts I don't think it will be an issue) is gives the Oilers something to trade to a cap heavy team to fill in the rest of their needs.

Rangers -

Horcoff(Oilers retain 1/2 Horcoff's Salary) & 2nd (37th overall) for Girardi

Why this may make sense. They have $14.1 M in Cap Space enough to realistically sign all of their RFA's this year. He will have to make a decision on Girardi (UFA 2014) or Del Zotto (RFA 2014) next year. This allows them to bring Logan Pyett to the next level and saves them $500K in salary. Gives Sather the option of buying out Richards (Stepan & Brassard as 1st & 2nd Centres) and still being deep at Centre, or trading from a position of strength which teams like to do. Hemsky may be a better fit, but I don't think the Oilers retain his salary, which would mean the Rangers probably wouldn't do it.

St Louis -

Horcoff & 1st (7th overall) for Shattenkirk

Why this may make sense. The Blues are loaded on D, and have several RFA's the Blues are always dollar conscious and therefore Horcoff being on the low end $$ ($3.5M of actual money per year) wise of his contract wouldn't be hard to stomach. They have a significant cap space available. The Blues are not strong down the middle. They are a contender. For the Oilers it means getting the D they are after without the RFA sheet.

Ottawa -

Hemsky for Gryba & Lawson & Conditional Pick(5th-2014) if Lawson doesn't sign.

Why this may make sense. The Senators need a first line Right Winger, Alfredsson is getting old he's 11 years older than Hemsky - so this would be a youth movement. Even if Alfredsson resigns it will take the pressure off. The Senators have a ton of cap space. Gryba is that big Defensemen that the Oilers crave. Although be was slammed in Relative Corsi - he was playing toughs, and of Ottawa's D had the hardest QoC. Lawson is UFA, but would be a good pick up for the Oilers organizational need and a good back up for Dubnyk.

These are just some things I have pulled together it maybe way off. My premise is that Horcoff has value as a $2.5M player. The picks may need to be upgraded to make the deals happen or Oilers may have to eat dollars. But they are potential options I can see. I think that getting either Girardi or Shattenkirk for Horcoff & pick would be a dream, but I do think it is a possibility, may have to throw in a prospect to make it happen.

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