The Oilers And Dustin Penner - Two Years Later


When Dustin Penner was dealt to LA, Edmonton received Colten Teubert and a couple of picks in return. Dustin Penner got another Stanley Cup, and he might get one more in another month.

It's been a little more than two years since Dustin Penner got the boot from Edmonton to Los Angeles.

How have both sides fared since then?

Nothing to see here, just a game winning goal.

While it certainly wasn't much fun for Dustin Penner in the weeks leading up to the trade, it hasn't been all hearts and flowers for Dustin Penner since being traded to Hollywood, it's true. He's had to put up with his personal life being made public, flapjacks (you call them pancakes if you'd like), then-coach Terry Murray announcing to the media in no uncertain terms that Penner needs to lose a little space around the waist, and getting benched for varied amounts of time.

The former thirty goal scorer (and twice a twenty goal scorer) with the Oilers scored the game winner in Friday's series clincher. Call the above goal 'lucky' if you'd like, good players make their own luck. Penner and the Kings eliminated the Blues in six games, winning four straight after being down 2-0 in the series.

Remember the goal that put the Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals last year? So does Penner. Penner had 11 points in 20 games in LA's march to the Cup (which, strangely enough, is right around his career average of .53 PPG).

The Oilers? Well, there's Oscar Klefbom, a flicker of light at the end of a long tunnel. The team certainly has a lot riding on him, and I can only hope he doesn't get thrown to the wolves in the current den of iniquity that is the Oilers defence. And there's Colten Teubert, third (that's three) year AHL guy who has been getting acquainted with the bench as of late in favour of Andrew Hotham, (When your coach says a guy who's played in the ECHL for a significant portion of the year gives the team a 'better chance to win', that's not very encouraging.)

While Oilers fans have gotten cozy watching other teams in the playoffs, Penner and the Kings wait to play the Sharks in the conference semifinals.

Gotta be tough being that fat and lazy playing for the chance to win your third Stanley Cup.

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