Size Matters - But Not How Oilers Fans Think It Does

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Size. Swagger. Grit. And so on. We NEED it.

From time to time over the past few years I've thought about doing something to match winning to size, sort of a true or false thing. But the Oilers constant battle for 1st Overall has sucked the life out of me and its never happened.

Over at Lowetide, in the Oilers-Ducks game thread, there were just over 400 comments posted. In amongst the pissing matches, complaining, venting and rambling, ????????64 posted a list of NHL teams, sorted by Time-adjusted average weight per player, so I started fiddling with it.

If we sort the teams into 5 groups of six teams each by weight:

Heavyweights: Cruiserweights: Middleweights: Welterweights: Lightweights:
WSH 211 STL 207.4 NYR 203.9 TOR 202 EDM 201.3
LAK 209.3 WPG 206.3 PHX 203.4 ANA 201.9 NYI 201.2
OTT 208.6 NJD 206 MIN 202.9 TBL 201.8 FLA 201.1
COL 208.1 BOS 205.3 VAN 202.9 CGY 201.6 BUF 200.9
SJS 207.9 PHI 204.5 CHI 202.4 DET 201.4 MTL 200.7
CBJ 207.7 NSH 204 CAR 202.1 PIT 201.3 DAL 198.8

The Penguins and the Oilers weigh the same, but I had to split them up. These two teams are very near to the heart of this discussion. Pittsburgh, a serious Cup contender has garnered 1.49 pts. for every point earned by the Copper et Bleu. Both teams are the same size.

We can also similarly sort into fifths by Points-per-Game and Goal Difference. We can call each grouping a Quint.

Lets sort the Weight Divisions by average PPG:

Middleweights 1.19
Welterweights 1.17
Cruiserweights 1.09
Heavyweights 1.07
Lightweights 1.06

And Hagler KOs Foreman. Sugar Ray too. Cruisers had to go to the judges' cards. Remeber, that is with the Oilers classified as lightweights and the Penguins classified as welterweights.

What if I switched the Pens and the Oilers? Uh-oh:

Middleweights 1.19
Lightweights 1.14
Welterweights 1.09
Cruiserweights 1.09
Heavyweights 1.07

The heavyweights drop to the bottom, and the middle and lightweights dominate!

Some additional notes:

  • A Quint comprised of the bottom six teams sorted by PPG – Nashville, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Calgary, Florida, and Colorado - contains at least one team from each weight class.
  • But we when look at the top of the column sorted by PPG one Division is not represented in the Top Quint! Oh noes! It’s the Heavyweights! Who could've foreseen that?
  • Finally, I should point out that when sorted by GD, both the Top & the Bottom Quint are home to a representative of each Weight Division.

So, does size matter?

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this FanPost are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views or position of the staff.

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