Just gathering opinions

Hi folks!

Just curious on your thoughts. It seems to me that Edmonton has depth at forward and need at goal, while Ottawa has depth at goal, and need at forward. I feel like a swap of good, young prospects would make sense for both teams. But I don't know if Oilers fans feel the same way. Are there any young forwards on your roster you as a fan would be willing to trade for a good young goalie?

In Ottawa, we've got Robin Lehner, who everyone (amongst Sens fans) feels is a franchise goalie waiting to happen. He was destroying the AHL before the entire team got called up to Ottawa (or injured), leaving him playing in front of the Elmira Jackals and some stragglers--but he's still leading that league with a .938 save percentage and a 2.12 GAA. Lehner also three seasons ago saved the Binghamton Senators from elimination in the playoffs by winning an elimination game shootout en route to winning 19 games and the Calder Cup. We love how he plays in pressure situations.

Our current backup, Ben Bishop, led the AHL in those stats last year, and this year, outside of a 6-4 spewfest in Tampa Bay has posted these numbers:

  • 1-0 loss, 37 shots, 36 saves
  • 2-1 win, 31 shots, 30 saves
  • 3-2 win, 13 shots, 11 saves (this is the game where Craig Anderson was injured)
  • 3-2 win, 28 shots, 26 saves
  • 2-1 win, 45 shots, 44 saves

We're feeling pretty confident that Bishop is a legit NHL goaltender as well as Lehner. Of course, Anderson is playing the best hockey of his career this season. So, our feeling is that we've got three NHL-quality guys and can only start one. Next year, Lehner his the final year of his entry-level deal, and Bishop should be an RFA, as he'll accumulate enough playing time for certain thanks to Anderson's injury, which means two years from now, Ottawa could be looking at three guys on one-way deals. Obviously that's impractical, so the thinking is that one of them is going to get moved.

Sens fans consider Bishop to be the odd man out, as we prefer Lehner's ceiling, but I'm curious what other fans' perceptions are. Do any of these three names (Anderson, Bishop, Lehner) interest Oilers fans? Are they the kind of players you'd be willing to give up a good forward prospect for?

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