Word of the Game: Disappointment

Jaret Stoll owns Philip Larsen - Harry How

The Oilers fall 3-0 to the LA Kings

Pronunciation: /dɪsəˈpɔɪntm(ə)nt/
Sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfilment of one’s hopes or expectations.

Going into the season most Oilers fans knew this was going to be a tough season. Moving into a division that had some pretty good teams like the Ducks, Canucks, Sharks and the Kings it was going to be tough battle but our expectations were higher than what we've been given.

The last couple of games have really demonstrated what this move has done to the Oilers and the game against the Kings was no exception. The LA Kings are a strong team with solid goaltending, a good defensive core, some forwards that can score and a fourth line that doesn't just leak chances against. The Oilers on the other hand are almost the exact opposite. So when the two teams met the out come was pretty much what you would have expected.


Hello Gagner? Are You Paying Attention?

When I first saw this play live I was a little confused if I really saw what I thought I had seen so I had to rerun the play in slow motion to see it again. When you watch the replay above keep an eye on Sam Gagner and watch in amazement how he gets himself into the open ice so he covers absolutely no one.

Also of note in this play. Nail Yakupov is once again tasked with covering the high point. It almost seems like this is where Dallas Eakins wants him to be, to get him away from any of the real danger areas.

One other note. What is Philip Larsen doing? When blocking a shot, especially down low, don't take yourself completely out of the play.

Finally, Ilya Bryzgalov. I'm not exactly sure if I understand what he was trying to accomplish but it almost looks like he just over thought the shot.

So putting everything together on this play. With Yakupov, Gagner and Larsen all out of the play the Oilers no longer have a defender down low. While sliding to block the pass Larsen also takes Anton Belov out of the play. David Perron also loses his check which leaves 3 options for Dwight King. King can either shoot, pass to Jeff Carter, who has a wide open net, or pass it back to Drew Doughty. What a mess!

Tweet of the Game

This Tweet comes from someone that I normally try not to acknowledge but it is valuable information none the less.


Sam Gagner

He needs to sit and sit for a long time. There is no question about it. Give him 3 games in the press box. Sit him down and show him video of his mistakes over and over again. Then show him what he is suppose to be doing. This needs to happen!

Mark Arcobello

After taking a big clean hit from Drew Doughty Acrobello had to leave the game. This hurts on a couple of levels. Losing Arcobello for any amount of time means that Sam Gagner can't sit because of the centre deficit on the team. It also means that the team may be forced to bringing Will Acton back into the fold. Also I can just see Jim Matheson's face right now with the "I told you so smile" the next time he talks to Eakins.

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