Oilers Lose but It's not Yakupov's Fault

Nail Yakupov points to his dad after scoring his power play goal - Derek Leung

The Oilers lose to the San Jose Sharks 3-1

It's Friday night. The Oilers are playing their 21st game of the season and the death march to the NHL Entry Draft has already started. The Oilers decided to assign Mark Arcobello to Oklahoma City over the associate coach's son Will Acton (who had 3:45 TOI), they've called up Oscar Klefbom and the "saviour" Ilya Bryzgalov allowed 5 goals on 24 AHL shots tonight. On top of that the Oilers were going for another record! Before starting the game the Oilers had gone 182 minutes without scoring a goal on home ice, only 7 minutes away from a team record (SPOILER ALERT! They break the record!). Oh right and the dominant San Jose Sharks were in town so it was bound to be a great night.


Analysis of the Play

There were so many to choose from today thanks to the San Jose Sharks but tonight's analysis has to go to Nail Yakupov and his power play goal. After 214 minutes and 52 seconds of scoreless hockey the main stream media's favourite whipping boy finally broke the scoreless streak.

This is pretty simple play but it must be noted that that is the Oilers second PP unit. The play starts with Sam Gagner winning a scramble draw and Ales Hemsky getting the puck back to Jeff Perty on the point. Gagner from a bad angle gets the puck on net and the rebound bounces out to Nail Yakupov who bats at the puck and scores for the Oilers.

What Went Right

  1. Gagner's "shot" looks like it was meant to be a pass to Ryan Smyth but Alex Stalock cuts it off
  2. The puck bounces out to Nail Yakupov who is a little out of position
  3. Nail Yakupov's great hand eye coordination kicks in and he is able to catch Stalok off guard

Tweet of the Night

I'm going to include two Tweets tonight. One about the Yakupov goal and the other about the reality of the Oilers situation.

Take Aways

Mark Arcobello vs. Will Acton

I still do not understand this move. Will Acton played 8 shifts and tallied 3:45 TOI. Sure Arcobello may not be as big as Acton but at least the guy is functional.

Nail Yakupov

He was determined in this game. Beyond the power play goal he was one of the most noticeable players on the ice.

San Jose

This is the team the Oilers wish to be when they grow up. They are just amazing to watch even when the Oilers "played better" the Sharks just toyed with them.

Dubnyk vs Bryzgalov

I know Bryzgalov hasn't played an NHL game in over 6 months but seriously? If you really think Bryzgalov is going to come into Edmonton and play better than Dubnyk, who didn't have a chance on any of the 3 Sharks goals tonight, give your head a shake.

Ryan Smyth

This was probably the best I have seen Smyth play since returning to the Oilers. Seriously though someone has to curve his stick just a little bit so that those wrap around attempts actually go in.

Three Stars

  1. Nail Yakupov
  2. Devan Dubnyk
  3. Ryan Smyth
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