Taking the Owners' side? Remember These Numbers

Photo by Yann, via Wikimedia Commons

Until now, fan sentiment concerning the NHL's impending labor dispute has generally been supportive of the players. The owners have taken some heat, but not nearly as much as Gary Bettman. But as the 9/15 deadline approaches and players' plans are becoming public, grumblings about loyalty and condescending remarks about family and future have emerged.

So while the old "paid millions to play a game" canard is just around the corner, the net worth of the owners deserves a look

Team Owner Worth
Winnipeg Jets David Thomson $ 22,000,000,000
Los Angeles Kings Phillip Anschutz $ 7,000,000,000
Colorado Avalanche Stan Kroenke $ 3,200,000,000
Pittsburgh Penguins Ron Burkle $ 3,200,000,000
Buffalo Sabres Terry Pegula $ 3,100,000,000
Minnesota Wild Craig Leipold $ 2,500,000,000
Philadelphia Flyers Ed Snider $ 2,500,000,000
Detroit Red Wings Mike Ilitch $ 2,400,000,000
Anaheim Ducks Henry Samueli $ 2,300,000,000
New York Islanders Charles Wang $ 2,100,000,000
Boston Bruins Jeremy Jacobs $ 2,000,000,000
Edmonton Oilers Daryl Katz $ 2,000,000,000
Toronto Maple Leafs MLSE $ 1,750,000,000
Calgary Flames N. Murray Edwards $ 1,600,000,000
New York Rangers James Dolan $ 1,500,000,000
Columbus Blue Jackets John McConnell $ 1,400,000,000
Montreal Canadiens Molson Family $ 1,200,000,000
St. Louis Blues Sports Capital Partners $ 1,200,000,000
Chicago Blackhawks Rocky Wirtz $ 1,100,000,000
Vancouver Canucks Francesco Aquilini $ 1,100,000,000
Carolina Hurricanes Peter Karmanos $ 1,000,000,000
Washington Capitals Ted Leonsis $ 1,000,000,000
Ottawa Senators Eugene Melnyk $ 940,000,000
Dallas Stars Tom Gaglardi $ 800,000,000
Tampa Bay Lightning Jeff Vinik $ 800,000,000
Florida Panthers Cliff Viner
Nashville Predators Predators Holdings LLC
New Jersey Devils Jeffrey Vanderbeek
San Jose Sharks Sharks Entertainment Enterprises

The information above was culled from various sources.

The median net worth on the list is $1.75 billion dollars.

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