2012 NHL Entry Draft Thread: Yakupov, Murray, Reinhart, or Other?

Taylor Hall welcomed Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to the team at the draft last year. Who will be the Oilers selection at the draft this season?

Tonight we will finally find out what the Edmonton Oilers are planing to do with the first overall pick in this 2012 NHL Entry Draft. Having held the first overall selection in each of the last two years as well, the Oilers have now got keeping everyone in suspense right up to the moment the pick is announced down to a science. The local media, who are usually in step with everything the Oilers have planned, don't know. And the fans are coming apart at the seams trying to guess what Tambellini might do, hoping he does the right thing, and preparing for the worst all at the same time.

Will it be Nail Yakupov? Maybe Ryan Murray? What about Griffin Reinhart? Or is there a trade in the works? In about an hour from now we will finally have the answer. The Oilers may not play a lot of exciting or meaningful hockey games during the season but they have certainly managed to make the month of June and the draft plenty exciting.

Everything gets started tonight at 5pm MST. Whether that is when the draft starts or just the beginning of the TSN's preamble is anyone's guess. The Oilers of course hold the first selection and will kick everything off but there are 29 other teams that will be in Pittsburgh tonight selecting players and making trades. The selection order (at least for now) looks like this:

1- Edmonton Oilers

2 - Columbus Blue Jackets

3 - Montreal Canadiens

4 - New York Islanders

5 - Toronto Maple Leafs

6 - Anaheim Ducks

7 - Minnesota Wild

8 - Carolina Hurricanes

9 - Winnipeg Jets

10 - Tampa Bay Lightning

11 - Washington Capitals (from Colorado)

12 - Buffalo Sabres

13 - Dallas Stars

14 - Calgary Flames

15 - Ottawa Senators

16 - Washington Capitals

17 - San Jose Sharks

18 - Chicago Blackhawks

19 - Tampa Bay Lightning (from Detroit)

20 - Philadelphia Flyers

21 - Buffalo Sabres (from Nashville)

22 - Pittsburgh Penguins

23 - Florida Panthers

24 - Boston Bruins

25 - St. Louis Blues

26 - Vancouver Canucks

27 - Phoenix Coyotes

28 - New York Rangers

29 - New Jersey Devils

30 - Los Angeles Kings

News, notes, and links:

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