NHL Draft Lottery 2012 - The Oilers Make Another Appearance

TORONTO - APRIL 13: Deputy Commissioner of the NHL Bill Daly announces top pick to the Edmonton Oilers during the NHL Draft Lottery Drawing at the TSN Studio April 13, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Abelimages / Getty Images for NHL)

Two years ago Steve Tambellini made his first appearance at the NHL's annual draft lottery, the event held to determine which of the leagues five worst teams will be given the opportunity to make the first selection in the upcoming NHL draft. Last year after a second consecutive 30th place finish Tambellini made another trip to Toronto to be part of the show. And this year Tambellini will be part of the festivities one more time as the Oilers find themselves in the unenviable position of being in the draft lottery for a third straight season.

After hosting a draft lottery party in each of the last two seasons the Oilers have taken a different, more subdued, approach to the event this time around. Perhaps that's because Tambellini, as he told us in January, didn't want to be a lottery team again. Or maybe it's because the Oilers finished 29th this season meaning that the Blue Jackets have the best chance at securing the first overall selection. Or maybe the team realized that celebrating failure year after year tends to get old quickly. Lottery odds and more after the jump.

Update: Things went the Oilers way tonight, they won the lottery and will be picking first overall for the third season in a row this June.

As an Oilers fan you're probably familiar with how the lottery works but in case you've forgotten it's actually quite simple. Every non-playoff team has a chance at winning the lottery but the winning team can only move up four spots in the draft order. That means the Blue Jackets, Oilers, Canadiens, Islanders, and Maple Leafs are the only teams that have a chance to get the first overall selection, if any other team wins then Columbus retains the first overall pick. Each team's odds of winning the lottery are summarized in the table below:

What Happens
If Selected
Odds of
Odds Of
Getting 1st
Columbus Retain 1st pick 25.00% 48.20%
Edmonton 2nd to 1st 18.80% 18.80%
Montreal 3rd to 1st 14.20% 14.20%
NY Islanders 4th to 1st 10.70% 10.70%
Toronto 5th to 1st 8.10% 8.10%
Anaheim 6th to 2nd 6.20% 0.00%
Minnesota 7th to 3rd 4.70% 0.00%
Carolina 8th to 4th 3.60% 0.00%
Winnipeg 9th to 5th 2.70% 0.00%
Tampa Bay 10th to 6th 2.10% 0.00%
Washington (from COL) 11th to 7th 1.50% 0.00%
Buffalo 12th to 8th 1.10% 0.00%
Dallas 13th to 9th 0.80% 0.00%
Calgary 14th to 10th 0.50% 0.00%

Obviously the Oilers have a much lower chance of picking first this season compared to each of the last two but as Alan Hull pointed out last night, the team with the second best odds of winning the lottery has never actually won so perhaps that means that spot is due. Of course I know that it actually means nothing but I'm an Oilers fan so a certain amount of delusional thinking is a necessity.

Anyway the lottery starts at 6 pm Edmonton time and I'll be hoping for the Oilers to win. I'll also be hoping that I don't have to hope for that again any time in the near future.

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