Management's Decisions: Will this team finally turn the corner?

Okie bound
Decision Time! Photo by Jason O. Watson, all rights reserved.

There are a ton of potentially horrible decisions to make this off season to solidify another year in this land of mystery:

- The Linus Omark mystery. He sits, players get injured, he sits again. Now, he could be in Oklahoma but since they called him up and he doesn't want to go back down, he sits. He'll sit out the rest of the season and then go back to Sweden and we'll never see him again. The worst part is that we have no good explanation or reason why this is the case. Talent wasted.

Decision time: This decision seems to have already been made.

- Teemu Hartikainen scores 2 goals tonight. He hits everything he sees, goes to the net, etc. He's been doing it consistently since he's been called up. Yet, the radio guys aren't quite sold on him. They're wondering if he can maintain that kind of play for a whole season. My question? Who the hell else is getting the job done?! This is nonsense. Play the man, if he struggles, play the man. Give him a spot in the roster next season. He's earning it right now. No one else plays the way he plays. This team needs him.

Decision time: October 2012. Hopefully they give him a legit shot next season.

- Nikolai Khabibulin is old and now it looks like he's not quick enough to play anymore. Drop him. Yet again, the radio guys think that they need to keep him. If they keep him and play him this team is destined to suck yet again. There is no way that this team can succeed if he is still playing a significant amount of games. Nonsense. Bring anyone in. Bring in someone from the AJHL. They need wins, not someone who won in the 90's.

Decision time: This Summer. I'm not sure the legalities of the situation, but it would be best if the team made it clear that they are going to move on without him and sign someone else to help out Dubnyk.

- Ryan Smyth. Sign the man for 1 year. Anymore than that is silly. Where else is he going to go? He wants to be here. He's getting old. It won't hurt his feelings when you tell him that and take it year by year.

Decision time: This Summer. If he gets 2 years, or dare I fear 3 years, then you can bet that this contract will eventually be an annoying/sensitive problem for the team and the fans.

- Taylor Hall. Injured all year. Injured since Junior. Yet, now, when nothing matters, he is out. He could have had the surgery 3 or 4 months ago, which would have given him a whole summer to rehab.

Decision time: Maybe around Christmas of 2011. As the team took an nose dive, Taylor Hall continued to put up good numbers in a meaningless season. They could have shut him down, 'surgeried up' his shoulder and we'd be talking about how much time he has to strengthen up his arm all summer long. Now, we cross fingers and hope he doesn't reinjure things by coming back too soon in the Fall.

- The reoccurring "We just didn't bring enough effort tonight" excuse. This is the mask that Suck wears. This team isn't balanced enough, strong enough, big enough, talented enough to play against most of the good teams. So, when Shawn Horcoff explains away another lose with the idea that they should have, could have, would have won if they just tried harder, answers need to be found to the question, "If that's so, then why isn't this team trying?"

Decision time: Now through to October. If the management thinks that this team just needs a draft pick, Khabby, and Ryan Smyth then the excuses coming down the pipe will continue to have a lot more to do with effort than with having a quality team. This is a thin veil that many fans have been able to see through for quite sometime.

The Defense needs strengthening, they need another goalie. However, if the team has a problem of not "bring enough" every night, then there are worse problems than just adding a few pieces. I, for one, believe that this team can bring it, and does bring it. They just don't have enough to bring.

Hopefully, it turns out to be an active and surprising Summer.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this FanPost are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views or position of the staff.

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