Will Linus Omark Be In Edmonton Next Season?

Okie bound
Detroit bound?. Photo by Jason O. Watson, all rights reserved.

I really like this Linus Omark fellow. He's obviously skilled, surprisingly strong in the corners, and from what I heard on last night's radio broadcast, determined to put pucks on the net.

Of course, there is a lot of chatter about him not fitting in with the team and the theories on this range from reasonable to hilarious; he's too small, he's cocky, he's a duplicate of our other awesome talent, he whines too much, He's handsome. His name rhymes with 'Venus'. Whatever the reasons, people seem to think that he's headed out of town.

I think that people believe this because it's easier that way. We all know that Tambo doesn't like him, Renney doesn't like him, so Lowe must not like him either. The guy's got 8 goals and 22 assists in 63 games or so for this team. That's all with a 'not wanted here/kick me' sign pasted on the back of his Jersey. I guess it's easier for us to just prepare for the worst.

I really wish that this team would do more communicating. Clear the air a bit. Heck, talk about how you look forward to seeing how Linus fits into the lineup in the future. Lie if you need too, just make the guy feel wanted a bit.

One final note, I love that this guy is cocky. I love that he's candid in the interviews. It's refreshing for the fans. I'm not sure how a cocky kid like this fits in with the good Canadian boy attitude that Management seems to be into, but I'm sure it can work. Give a little, take a little, you know?

Seriously, right now, Tambo. Step to the mic and say that you're going to give this kid some playing time. Bring in a Swedish assistant coach even. Fill a bowl with Swedish berries and place it next to a set of the Dragon Tattoo Chick series on an Ikea Lodsklek fold-up table right next to his locker. Make him feel at home and make him feel loved. Then, see what he can do with the Oil and after that do what you do best... make poor decisions. At least, make them later on, okay?

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this FanPost are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views or position of the staff.

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